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    The Conversation…

    December 14th, 2015     by deb singh     Comments

    It’s a social experiment but we are making the blog series “Queer Brown Girl Trying to be a Parent” into a column! So get ready for a monthly blog about all things Queer, Brown and Parenting! READ MORE

    CONTENT WARNNG: This blog includes personal information about family violence , domestic violence and child abuse. READ MORE

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    14 Days of Nihilistic Thinking

    November 11th, 2015     by Denise Reich     Comments

    September 2015 was rough for me. I saw a lot of doctors and went for a lot of tests. Every procedure yielded another diagnosis or piece of troubling information. At one point I joked that I felt as though I were going trick-or-treating to the doctors’ offices, and they were handing me trick after trick. I was grateful that they were taking things seriously and getting answers; I was disheartened that there were so many answers to find. READ MORE

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    Unhelpful “Helpers”: Why Unsolicited Advice and Chronic Illness Don’t Mix

    September 29th, 2015     by Denise Reich     Comments

    When you’re chronically ill, three words become the bane of your existence: “You should try…” READ MORE

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    September 8th, 2015     by Jackie Mlotek     Comments

    Check out Hervana perform at Shameless’ upcoming launch party on Friday, September 11! They’ll be playing at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre (Toronto) with other bands from Girls Rock Camp, starting at 7PM. The event is all ages and free for teens and only $5 for admission that comes with a brand spanking new issue of Shameless. The venue is accessible and offers gender neutral washrooms. Find more details here. Nirvana is a band cherished by many, … READ MORE

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    Four Things Never to Say to (this) Chronically Ill Friend

    March 30th, 2015     by Denise Reich     Comments

    Since autumn, I’ve been home with a serious viral illness. There’s a lot I could write about my experience: the endless battles with my HMO for appropriate care; how much I’m really envying citizens of countries with universal health care; the indifferent doctors; my fears about my condition. Fortunately, many friends and family members have been very supportive of me. Unfortunately, not everyone has been helpful. It’s led me to compile this list of the top four things they’ve said to completely piss me off. READ MORE

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    Stuck in the Middle with You: Tools to Support Your Friends When They Are in Conflict

    October 24th, 2014     by deb singh     Comments

    Have you ever had 2 mutual friends in your life, fighting, arguing or not talking? What did you do? Did you take sides? Did you continue to talk to both of them? Did you ignore the whole situation all together and just not get involved? How did you feel about it? And did you ever get your say? READ MORE

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    Advice Column: Advice about not taking crap, and doing it with grace

    September 8th, 2014     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    “..usually you find out that you’re tougher than you think.” Sarah Mangle and her Mom Jane Mangle dish out advice on how to handle situations when you are being treated bad. READ MORE

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    Advice Column: Supporting a Friend or Partner in a “Freak Out” moment.

    June 17th, 2014     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    Last time I talked to you I was really cold and it was winter. And now it’s spring! So that’s really nice and today I’m going to talk to you about a bit of a serious topic but I think it’s a relief to talk about in certain ways. I’m going to talk about some things you might do if your friend or partner is experiencing a moment of acute crisis or “freak out.” READ MORE

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    Advice Column: Showing up and Loving Boundaries Supporting Friends with Long Term Depression

    March 21st, 2014     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    We received a request to do a video blog responding to the question, “How do you support your friends who are in longterm crisis, and how do you make sure you have good boundaries with yourself?” So, it’s a bit of a difficult topic, and a serious topic. I’m not going to talk about any extreme – I’m not going to talk about extreme – suicide, or sexual abuse, for example, but this still could be triggering for some people, depending on what your triggers are. So it’s important to be aware of that. READ MORE

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    Advice column: How to make friends - part 2!

    January 22nd, 2014     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    You can view the video here on this page or on YouTube. A transcription is below the embedded video. Feedback is welcomed! - ed Hi everybody! This is my advice blog for Shameless magazine. My name is Sarah Mangle and I’m so happy to be with you today. This is “How to Make Friends Part 2,” Part 2 of “How to Make Friends.” If you haven’t seen the first one, I talked about childhood feelings. I … READ MORE

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    Advice column: How to make friends - part 1!

    October 29th, 2013     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    You can view the video here on this page or on YouTube. A transcription is below the embedded video. Feedback is welcomed! - ed Hi Everybody! My name is Sarah Mangle and I’m doing a video blog today for you called, HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS, and it is actually Part 1: Part 1 of HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS, because I realized that there’s actually a lot to tell you. I’m going to do 2 parts of … READ MORE

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    Advice column: Should you tell your friend you have a crush on them?

    July 10th, 2013     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    Welcome to our first-ever video advice column! You can view the video here on this page or on YouTube. A transcription is below the embedded video. Feedback is welcomed! - ed Hi Everybody! My name is Sarah Mangle and I write advice for Shameless, and this time I’m going to do my advice in the form of a video blog and here it is – and I’m really pumped about it. I have never made a … READ MORE

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    Advice Column: Imagining New Strategies in Dating, Crushes and Gossip

    June 12th, 2013     by Sarah Mangle     Comments

    I once had a partner who had multiple disabilities while I was able-bodied. He came from a more working-class background than me. While being his partner, I worried that I didn’t really understand enough about his physical conditions, or how not to be ableist. I worried I would say ableist things in conversation with him or other people, not realizing I was being ableist in that moment. I worried that I would assume he needed … READ MORE

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    System Fail: Challenging Oppressive Teachers in the Classroom

    January 2nd, 2013     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    by Sarah Mangle Note: I wrote a shorter of version of this piece for the recent print issue of Shameless. This blog article expands the printed article. I was invited to respond to the question: “My teacher keeps making oppressive comments in my classroom. What should I do?” Suffering through classes “taught” by teachers who deliver hateful, stereotypical, racist, abliest, sexist and otherwise problematic content as course material or offhanded comments is an all too common experience and … READ MORE

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    A shameless assessment of Ontario election advertisements and some voting tips

    October 5th, 2011     by Meg Pirie     Comments

    You may have noticed a few things over the last month if you live in Ontario. Yes, there’s a provincial election happening and besides being incredibly important, it’s also been incredibly annoying. Phone calls. Incessant attack ads. Flyers crowding your mailbox. OMG don’t you get it Conservatives? We’re just not that into you! But seriously, certain ads deserve some attention, if for no other reason than to poke fun at how ridiculous they are. After all, … READ MORE

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    Review of Women in the Field: Lunch with Jan Wong

    March 24th, 2011     by Jessica Balmer     Comments

    While the first panel discussion of the Women in the Field: Changing the Face of Journalism symposium that happened earlier this week at Ryerson University filled me with dread and fear, the second part inspired me greatly. The goddesses must have been smiling because I managed to snag a seat to the sold-out 2011 Atkinson lecture with Jan Wong. If you’re not familiar with Jan Wong, get acquainted. Wong’s list of accomplishments and controversies shows that … READ MORE

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    Think Before You Tattoo!

    June 25th, 2009     by Desirée O     Comments

    I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It was actually my 18th birthday present from my sister and was part of an amazingly wild May 2-4 weekend. But as crazy as the weekend was, the tattoo part of it was extremely planned out. I had wanted a tattoo forever, and although my mom was okay with it, she made sure I had found a reputable (i.e. clean and capable) place to get it done … READ MORE

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    I Need Your Vegetarian / Vegan Help!

    April 24th, 2009     by Desirée O     Comments

    First of all, this is not a post about the pros/cons or ethical/eco/health issues of vegetarianism. For my own reasons, and after one failed attempt a few years ago, I’m again going vegetarian, perhaps even vegan (I love cheese, but my tummy doesn’t!). I’ve been meat-free for a few months now and things are going great. I’m feeling awesome! My complexion has changed for the better, I’ve dropped a few pounds (I’m not trying to loose weight, … READ MORE

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    what’s your strategy?

    October 11th, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

    Voting season always brings up all sorts of civic-philosophical issues for me. Like, I have trouble believing in the potency of my single vote, and yet that’s the entire principle of a democratic electoral system, duh. And should I vote for the issues I care about, or against the issues I hate? Or, like my avowedly socialist housemate, I could abstain from the whole thing, or spoil my ballot as a statement … READ MORE

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    Now What?

    January 23rd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    Rabble.ca has launched a great new “advice column” for activists called Now What? When the stresses and strains of daily life combine with the realities of an unjust world, sometimes you just need some good advice. Ms. Communicate is here to take your questions, and each week we’ll feature her response. The first installment? Ms. Communicate outlines your options for dealing with that obnoxious right-winger in your extended family (we all have ‘em.) …you have my permission to … READ MORE

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