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    Film review: Facing Mirrors

    May 9th, 2013     by Nish Israni     Comments

    With the Inside Out film festival just around the corner, I am reminded of last year’s festival where I saw some really interesting, amazing and heartwarming films that I hope to tell you all about. I had gone to an event called “Sister Spit” where I won a membership to the festival through their raffle prizes. If it hadn’t been for them, I wouldn’t have been able to access the festival like I did. One of … READ MORE

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    Toronto event: She Said Boom! Feminist Zine-Making Symposium

    April 22nd, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    She Said Boom! Feminist Zine-Making Symposium 3-day event featuring GB JONES and CAROLINE AZAR of FIFTH COLUMN. :::SCHEDULE OF EVENTS::: ::FILM SCREENING:: SHE SAID BOOM: THE STORY OF FIFTH COLUMN Thursday April 25th 7-9pm Koffler House at 569 Spadina Avenue Admission is $12/person at the door Full-length film screening followed by a Q and A with Director Kevin Hegge // Canada 2012 // 66 min ::KEYNOTE TALK:: CAROLINE AZAR AND GB JONES ON FEMINISM AND ZINE-MAKING IN 1980s & 1990s TORONTO Friday April 26th 7-9pm PWYC Koffler … READ MORE

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    Toronto event: AGO National Youth Arts Week Launch Party

    April 22nd, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    The AGO wants you to be a part of the largest annual youth-led celebration of creative expression in Canada by joining us at our National Youth Arts Week Launch Party! May 1, 2013 4-6 pm Free After Three skateboard-building workshops 6-8 pm Youth Dialogue featuring Rt. Hon. Michaelle Jean & Jean-Daniel Lafond, Co-Founders & Co-Chairs of the Michaelle Jean Foundation 8-10 pm Launch Party! Free and open to everyone. Refreshments and fun provided! Come get connected! Check out great activities and … READ MORE

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    Theatre of the Oppressed: A Basic Skills Workshop

    April 11th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Theatre of the Oppressed: A Basic Skills Workshop Wednesday May 8, 6 pm - 8 pm $10 /PWYC Academy of the Impossible, 231 Wallace Avenue Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/514643891902456/ This school of theatre conceived and popularized by Augusto Boal, has had a life of its own in India for the past four decades. The workshop will provide skills in basic theatre of the oppressed techniques. This will involve working with voice, body and improvisation. This school of theatre, based on … READ MORE

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    FREE! Art of writing - Creative Writing Workshops for Women (Toronto)

    April 5th, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Have you always wanted to write? Do you sometimes wish you could put some words that you think of on paper? How would you like to write beautiful words in your language and in English? Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto (NEW) is pleased to offer creative writing workshops for newcomer women on Saturday mornings, starting April 20th, 2013. Taught by Dr. Althea Prince, who has published 9 books including In the Black (2012), this 9-week program provides women a supportive … READ MORE

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    Rock Camp for Girls - Montreal

    April 2nd, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Celebrate Rock Camp for Girls Montreal’s Fifth Anniversary with Us! Through its five years of existence, Rock Camp for Girls Montreal has been entirely self-funded and volunteer-run. Rock Camp for Girls Montreal has grown from its first year of 18 campers and 20 volunteers to an established community presence that puts on a Showcase Concert attended by hundreds of community members every year. Rock Camp for Girls Montreal is now accepting applications for Summer 2013! Camp will … READ MORE

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    Resisting Paradise - A Q&A With Barbara Hammer

    April 1st, 2013     by Anne Thériault     Comments

    This week, the Toronto International Film Festival is running a program called Brave New World: The Films of Barbara Hammer. This three-night survey offers a fascinating retrospective of Hammer’s forty-five year career as a lesbian activist and experimental filmmaker. Hammer’s 2003 film Resisting Paradise, which deals with the concept of art as a tool of political resistance, was especially fascinating to me. Hammer, who was doing a painting residency in Cassis, France, when war broke out … READ MORE

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    Journey Inward: A Profile of Anna Berankova

    March 25th, 2013     by Raisa Bhuiyan     Comments

    I recently had the pleasure of having a chat with Anna Berankova, who has recently facilitated a series of free, women’s sexual-exploration workshops at the 519 and is preparing for the launch of her memoir due out this spring, which looks into the interconnectedness of sex to the physical, spiritual and mental realms of being. While there are a bevy of wonderful angles that could be taken to describe her body of work, I was most … READ MORE

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    The Contemporary Urgencies of Audre Lorde’s Legacy

    March 3rd, 2013     by Jennifer Marston     Comments

    This coming Thursday will launch a two-week long celebration of poet and activist Audre Lorde. There are free events happening across Toronto and at both York University and The University of Toronto. Check out the list of events below. Community Arts Practice, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University in association with Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto Invite you to THE CONTEMPORARY URGENCIES OF AUDRE LORDE’S LEGACY, MARCH 7-21, 2013 1) Medicines for Survival: Indigenous Knowledge and … READ MORE

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    LOL: Humour and Feminism

    March 1st, 2013     by deb singh     Comments

    My acupuncturist said I needed to laugh a lot this past week, and I made a funny face at her–not funny-haha, but funny-“What the??” I made this face because I work at a rape crisis centre and it certainly has proved a challenge to laugh a lot there. Further, as an activist, most people have deemed me as too serious, over-political and of course, “can’t take a joke.” I love jokes. And I, myself, am … READ MORE

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    Hit So Hard

    February 26th, 2013     by Nish Israni     Comments

    “Hit So Hard” is a compelling tale about Patty Schemel’s life and near death experience with substance abuse. Patty, the original drummer for the band Hole, gives us a personal recounting of her time in the spotlight, as well as what it was like for her coming out as a gay rockstar. The camera follows Patty and her band from modest beginnings to international fame. In the male-dominated, sexist music industry with the rock gods … READ MORE

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    Centre for the Arts’ Film Camp for Teens Offers Comprehensive Training for Toronto Youth

    February 21st, 2013     by Julia Horel     Comments

    For one productive and inspiring week this March Break in Toronto, Centre for the Arts will offer teens the opportunity to gain a firsthand look into the world of professional filmmaking through the Film Camp for Teens. Young filmmakers will train with some of Canada’s most respected talent during this 5-day intensive. Teens will participate in all aspects of filmmaking as they conceptualize, write, direct, act, light, shoot and edit their own short films. This … READ MORE

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    That’s Rockist! A racialized experience of listening to western rock music Part I

    January 28th, 2013     by Raisa Bhuiyan     Comments

    Worn out leather jackets. Black skinny pants. Studded accessories. Groupies. Lots of groupies. Cowboy boots. Unkempt hair. Glamourous makeup. Despair. Joy. Smashing guitars in hotel rooms and getting caught in Tokyo for trying to smuggle marijuana into Japan. These terms and phrases reflect only some of the things that have come to inform the public imagination about what makes up the image of a rock star. While a careful and thoughtful analysis of pinpointing the precise social, economic and cultural factors for why rock music in … READ MORE

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    Fatphobia For Art-Lovers

    January 18th, 2013     by Anne Thériault     Comments

    I love Frida Kahlo. Love her. Love her artwork, love her story, love her general sassy bad-assery. To say that she inspires me would be a major understatement. I’ve learned scads of life lessons from her, useful things that run the gamut from realizing what a powerful role art can play in the social justice movement to learning that it’s possible to give zero fucks about what anyone else thinks of you and your appearance. … READ MORE

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    Coming Out Wrong with Jesse Dangerously

    December 5th, 2012     by Anne Thériault     Comments

    Halifax rap legend Jesse Dangerously is known for using his music to combat sexism, racism, fat-phobia, homophobia, and a whole lot of other toxic stuff that we encounter in our day to day lives. Dangerously, who is now based out of Ottawa, recently released a song called Coming Out Wrong on the Fun Razor Mix Tape (a collaborative album put together by artists participating in and raising funds for the NOFRIENDS tour). Coming Out Wrong, which … READ MORE

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    Toronto workshop: ROOM: a poetry workshop for consumer-survivors

    December 4th, 2012     by Julia Horel     Comments

    Room is a consumer-survivor initiative welcome 16- to 30-year-old women and trans folks who identify as and are marginalized by their history of mental illness and/or addiction. Our focus is on the inspiring and self-soothing qualities of art and the hoped-for experience of discovering, capturing and regaining the powerful concept of beauty in both the simple and awesome in the everyday life of a woman. Wednesdays - 2:00 to 4:00pm December 5th to January 30th Fort York Food Bank 797 … READ MORE

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    Launch of the Heartbeats: The IZZAT Project Comic Book

    December 2nd, 2012     by Jennifer Marston     Comments

    Launch of the Heartbeats: The IZZAT Project Comic Book Presented in partnership with the AGO Youth Council Join us in celebrating the launch of Heartbeats: The IZZAT Project on Dec 4th. It is comic book written by young South Asian women in Toronto about resiliency in the face of violence. The event will include theatre, music, visual art and dance performances by South Asian women as well as a hands on illustration/comic creation class. Date: … READ MORE

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    Rookie Yearbook One and Book launch review

    November 29th, 2012     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    by Manisha Aggarwal-Schifellite and Michelle Kay In late October this year, teen blogger and editor of Rookie magazine , Tavi Gevinson arrived in Toronto to celebrate the release of Rookie’s first print volume, Rookie Yearbook One. Gevinson was in town for two events: one a more traditional book reading and signing at Indigo Yorkdale, the second a book signing and masquerade ball at Magic Pony , an art gallery and store on Queen Street West. The lineup … READ MORE

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    The Comfort of Queer Family Wisdom

    November 20th, 2012     by Elisha Lim     Comments

    I think that last year was one of my most humbling years. I’d become used to a certain level of respect and dignity, and when I lost it, I was kind of floored. I left my home of Toronto. Toronto - where I had been part of the majority. I was an immigrants’ kid, I was university educated, I knew lots of activist jargon and where to shop for shoes. But last year I moved to … READ MORE

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    An Open Letter to the AGO About Frida Kahlo’s Unibrow

    November 6th, 2012     by Guest Blogger     Comments

    by Sarah Mortimer Dear AGO, The week of October 20, while walking past the Drake Hotel, one of your employees handed me a card that said I should wear this unibrow in order to get 50% off the price of admission to your exhibit “Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting.” I am glad that Frida Kahlo’s work is here in Toronto and that you are eager to have people come see it, but I can’t help … READ MORE

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