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    !! Rebel, REBEL !!

    January 4th, 2011     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Prince George, BC-based derby girl, social justice activist, youth counsellor, and DIY’r Laura Burkholder is putting together her first zine as a challenge to herself (and to get it off her bucket list). Her zine will be called “Rebel, REBEL: A collective experience” and will focus on rebelling against the dominant paradigms of consumerism and patriarchy. She would like the zine to look at how there are a million different ways, large and small, that we … READ MORE

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    Smash Patriarchy Embroidery Sampler!

    November 17th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    In the spirit of the oncoming holidays and perhaps the need to put together a present for someone that you really like when you have little or almost no cash, I put together this embroidery sampler! You should be able to root around your place for a sewing needle and a not-so-stained tea towel? Now scrounge up a dollar and head to a thrift store where you’ll find some embroidery floss and an embroidery hoop. … READ MORE

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    Shameless at Canzine Sunday

    October 23rd, 2010     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    On Sunday, Shameless will be at Canzine, Broken Pencil’s annual zine fair and festival of alternative culture. Come say hello to our new editors and check out the awesome merch we’ll have on sale (cheap magazines!). Also, check out Editorial & Art Director Sheila Sampath’s reflections on Canzine. Sunday, Oct. 23 The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West (Toronto) 1-7 p.m. … READ MORE

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    Fight Boredom!

    September 9th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Hello Amber of the Fight Boredom Zine Distro is one of my ultimate Zine Heroes. Based out of Montreal, feminist Hello Amber!, runs this small zine distro and puts together the Fight Boredom Zine as well as a perzine, Culture Slut. Her distro is led by its inspiring Fight Boredom Manifesto: ONLY BORING PEOPLE GET BORED Or, The Fight Boredom Manifesto We will fight boredom with action, ideas and creativity. We will fight boredom with feminism, friend dates and … READ MORE

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    The Great Candy Caper of 2010

    January 10th, 2010     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Recently my partner and I relocated to Vancouver Island from the wintery north to take a new-ish life: long growing seasons for gardening, future island hopping, and new jobs! Little did I know that by relocating from an amazing job where I felt I was actually making a difference in my community to a smaller island community meant that jobs are actually few and far between. In desperation to ensure I could pay my bills … READ MORE

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    Parkdale Street Writers are back!

    October 5th, 2009     by Megan Griffith-Greene     Comments

    We here at Shameless are big fans of the Parkdale Street Writers, a fantastic forum for youth writers (some of which we’ve been very lucky to reprint in the magazine). And a new set of workshops are about to begin. In addition to workshops with some amazing Toronto artists, participants get to try their hand at a wide range of creative writing, including comics, lyrics, poetry, video narratives and storytelling. Full deets from PSW co-ordinator Emily … READ MORE

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    August 24th, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    This past weekend I got to participate in a teen girl roller derby camp that my place of employment, the YMCA, threw with a handful of other local agencies and businesses. One of the girls’ main projects was DIY-ing their camp t-shirts into derby dresses/shirts of wonder. They used lace, glitter, markers, and general deconstruction techniques to turn their men’s cut tees into the sassy piece they desired. The fun part was that even though … READ MORE

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    Take a stroll with Sally…

    June 20th, 2009     by Michelle Schwartz     Comments

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was more than just a little bit upset by the new Bacardi Breezer ad campaign that Mir posted about this morning. This campaign, with the tagline “Get Yourself An Ugly Girlfriend” is one of the most offensive, sexist attempts at promoting alcohol that I have ever seen, which is saying a lot, considering the general grossness of alcohol advertising. I’m not sure how Bacardi thought it … READ MORE

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    Media literacy camp this Saturday!

    May 28th, 2009     by Megan Griffith-Greene     Comments

    There’s still space left in this incredible event happening in Toronto this weekend. And leading one workshop is our very own art director (and genius) Sheila Sampath. Full (exciting) details below from Michelle Cho from the Urban Alliance on Race Relations: Ever wonder why we see the same kinds of images of women in the media all the time? Wanna see women in the media as being something more than just a video ho? Tired of … READ MORE

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    The Big Embroidery Scandal of 2009

    May 1st, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    The interwebs are ablaze with activity and anger about a recent embroidery showdown. Some crafters are claiming there’s been a copyright infringement of Sublime Stitching original designs created by Jenny Hart. The perpetrator? Urban Threads. To date no official comment has been released on either of Hart’s websites, but an incredible amount of data is being batted back and forth online. Without going into too much detail (you can find blogging here, here, here, and … READ MORE

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    Spring Gardening

    April 27th, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    If you live anywhere along the border like most Canadians, the idea of having to bring in your planters at night so your Petunias don’t freeze to death will be somewhat foreign. Our friends in Vancouver are celebrating spring under the cherry blossoms and Toronto seems to be at a nice 25C right now. But up here in Prince George it’s still chilly during the day and dipping below freezing at night, which means our … READ MORE

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    Crafty Chica’d Earth Day

    April 22nd, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    The may sun be settling on Earth Day in the east coast, but here in the west we’re just settling in for an evening of activity before Earth Day comes to an end. If you’re looking for a few more things to do, Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo, has blogged about an earth-friendly craft every hour for earth day. From a mixed-media wind chime to a recycled grocery tote, or these wonderful Chili Can … READ MORE

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    Radio Camp!

    March 31st, 2009     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

    Thinking about summer plans? If you live in Montreal and are between the ages of 10 and 17, this is your chance to be the media! CKUT 90.3 FM is offering its first ever radio camp, a chance for future journalists, DJs, music enthusiasts, writers, and documentary makers to learn the ins and outs of radio. From the CKUT website: Over a week long session campers (ages 10-13 and 14-17) will write, produce and … READ MORE

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    Female Merit Badge

    January 30th, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Embroidery artist Mary Yeager creates beautifully intricate merit badges that illustrate female “rights of passage”. Much like the badges you’d get in Brownies or Scouts that proclaim your ability to camp in the snow, build a campfire, or be a good friend, Yeager’s badges mark the different milestones women experience and pass in their life time. Her work celebrates the positive aspects of women’s rights of passage but also criticize “the myriad physical manipulations … READ MORE

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    “Handmade is love.”

    December 10th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    I know that we’re partially on our way into December and if you’re as good as Martha you’ve already collected those renegade pine cones and dipped them in both glue and glitter. But if not, there’s still time to make or buy handmade for the holidays. The Buy Handmade campaign started just over a year ago and is based on one simple pledge: “I pledge to buy handmade this holiday season, and request that others do … READ MORE

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    The epitome of craft-blogging

    December 5th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Just when the holidays start to roll in and en masse we begin to feel like we’re rushing too much or “falling behind” the holiday bonanza (3 knitted hats down, 2 to go!!) , Embloggery has a way of saying “slow down”. Blogger Nicole started Embloggery as a way to “to examine the implications of the fact that we now have the ability to disseminate widely something written very quickly, to a potentially very large audience”. … READ MORE

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    expozine Montreal!

    November 26th, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

    Have I mentioned how much I love Cat and Girl? Oh yes, I believe I have. The webcomic by Dorothy Gambrell never ceases to be a balm for my overcaffeinated, neurotically self-analytic, black-humoured, Babysitters-Club-loving soul. Okay, but the real point of this post is to let you know that YOUR SOUL TOO can be soothed by such products of minds depraved and genius, in material form no less! Montreal’s annual zine fair, Expozine, … READ MORE

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    “because the washer and dryer don’t run on remote control!”

    November 19th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    Gender-based jokes that poke “fun” at domestic chores run rampant in the dominant culture. And somehow men are always the butt of the joke. But the “modern woman” is still stuck doing the laundry because the jokes just allow us as a society to shrug off their “inability” as part of their domestic failure as men, and not as part of the actual divisions in the home when it comes to domestic chores. When it comes … READ MORE

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    Before there were blogs

    October 20th, 2008     by Michelle Schwartz     Comments

    Way back in the day, before the internet came to dominate my life, I was into zines. Even now, after years of blogging, I still miss the time when a page layout was completed using scissors and a glue stick, and when the chick who could beg, borrow or steal the most alone time with a photocopy machine was the most popular girl in the room. I was excited to learn that Barnard University in … READ MORE

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    Congratulations! It’s a calendar.

    October 19th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

    When I moved to Prince George to go to grad school I didn’t realize that within months I’d be taken under the wings of the coolest women in town. The women work in a variety of capacities and express themselves and their lives in our community in dynamic ways, to be near them is an utter honour. Our friend Bryndis, the owner of Meow Records (which won best record store in Canada this past summer) … READ MORE

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