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    Toronto Zine Library

    October 21st, 2006     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

    Shameless friend and contributor Suzanne Sutherland has been working with a crew of volunteers to organize the Toronto Zine Library, which finally has a home. The collection of around 300 zines will be housed at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Ave.), where volunteers will be on hand to serve as zine librarians on Sundays from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. You can visit the library on other days, too. The library is interested in acquiring … READ MORE

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    Freezer paper!

    October 2nd, 2006     by Holland Gidney     Comments

    In case you haven’t yet tried stencilling as per the instructions on pages 36-37 of the most recent issue of Shameless because you can’t find freezer paper, which is something we had trouble with when we did the photo shoot for the article (yes, those are my fingers tracing letters and using the stencil brush!), check out the Toronto Craft Alert’s Ask Crafty answers from September 8th. PS - We’d love to hear how your stencilling … READ MORE

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    Can you produce an entire novel in a mere 72 hours?

    August 28th, 2006     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

    A “fad,” an “idle threat,” a “great way to overcome writers block” and “a trial by deadline.” I have to go ahead and recommend the 3-day novel writing contest (September 2 - 4) to anyone that wants to get it together to produce a book-length manuscript. The idea is that you and hundreds of other writers hide away for Labour Day weekend and produce a literary gem. The winner receives a publishing contract and the runner up, … READ MORE

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    New issue of Spun Magazine

    April 21st, 2006     by Holland Gidney     Comments

    Surprisingly, it was a friend in Vancouver who first told me about Spun Magazine but the gals behind this online knitting-plus-other-stuff zine are actually based in Toronto. The new issue they’ve just posted to the Web at www.spunmag.com has got all kinds of great stuff for knitters and non-knitters alike. Some things that caught my eye: a recipe for (vegan) broccoli pesto (ideal for people who’ve made the decision to not eat … READ MORE

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