• Issue 5

    Redesigning Women

    Make groovy record bowls, get kinky with Trey Anthony, Maggie MacDonald, Mary Harron, Cougar Party and more.

  • Issue 4

    The Comics issue

    Mariko Tamaki, Zoe Whittall, skate like a lady, be your own bike mechanic, become a DJ from scratch and more.

    Sold Out
  • Issue 3

    Life After High School

    Get over the gyno, turn a t-shirt into undies, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, Shary Boyle.

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  • Issue 2

    The Virginity issue

    Margaret Cho, Magneta Lane, Workplace Rights, Allyson Mitchell, DIY Papermaking and more.

  • Issue 1

    The Premiere issue

    Mae Martin and Sabrina Jalees, Sook-Yin Lee, DIY Silkscreening, Community Radio and more.

    Sold Out

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