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    On the Fradio: Regina Spektor Live on NPR

    October 5th, 2006     by Kat Siddle     Comments

    A lot of us feel pretty depressed and maybe even a little threatened right now, so here’s something to soothe you just a little, maybe: has posted the audio from a wonderful, 80-minute concert by Regina Spektor, performing at Washington DCs 9:30 Club. Ive become increasingly fond of Spektors most recent albums, 2004s Soviet Kitsch and 2006s Begin to Hope, but even so, this concert surprised me. She starts out with a handful of tracks that … READ MORE

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    Girl Monster Compilation Looks Monstrously Awesome

    September 27th, 2006     by Kat Siddle     Comments

    According to, Chicks on Speed’s Alex-Murray Leslie has put together a new 3CD compilation that “celebrates and reclaims music-by-women in several landmark ways”. I have mixed feelings about Chicks on Speed, and I know some of us were burned by the “Women and Songs” series (not to mention the dismal imitators that followed). But Girl Monsteras this compilation is calledlooks pretty stellar. It has an intriguing mix of musicians from a variety of genres … READ MORE

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    When Feminism Gets Wacky, In a Good Way

    September 12th, 2006     by Kat Siddle     Comments

    Feminists (and academics) have long had a reputation for being dry and humourless, which is why I love things like Cat and Girl. Cat and Girl is a wordy, nerdy webcomic made by a grad student named Dorothy, who manages to transform complex academic theory into appealing panels and hilariously half-sensical dialogue. Imagine a Cultural Studies textbook acted out by a cartoon girl and a large anthropomorphic cat. Check out Cat and Girls interpretation of Feminisms Supposed … READ MORE