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    Never let a man think you’re smarter

    November 22nd, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Damn scientists and their blasted research! It seems men are more stupid than once believed. Well, maybe not stupid so much as insecure. Yes, that’s the sweeping generalization I think can be made after reading this New York Times report. A two-year Columbia University study of speed daters found that “men avoided women whom they perceived to be smarter than themselves. The same held true for measures of career ambition – a woman could be ambitious, just … READ MORE

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    If men have 7 sexual partners and women have 4…

    November 12th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Okay, this doesn’t sound like the usual start to those horrible math problems you have to solve on exams but it has stumped a bunch of smarty pants mathematicians. Lots of studies show that, on average, heterosexual men say they have had 7 sexual partners in their lifetime while heterosexual women say they have had 4. I’m embarassed to admit this but I never thought about how this doesn’t add up. Let me explain. If you … READ MORE

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    In case you wanted to know…

    November 8th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Canada is slipping in the global ranks when it comes to gender equity. The Globe and Mail reports that this World Economic Forum study shows that Canada went from a rank of 14th to 18th since the last report. According to the study Canada hasn’t necessarily gotten worse it’s more that other countries are actually doing things to improve gender equality while we are stagnating. For the record, we’re doing well in providing education access and … READ MORE

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    “there would be more abortions if Planned Parenthood DIDN’T exist”

    October 22nd, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Graham, a 5th-year medical student has an interesting blog about his experiences in the world of doctors. He’s currently doing a rotation at Planned Parenthood and has written a simple but sensational piece about what he’s seeing and learning. Firstly, its really great to see a medical professional be so humble and honest about what they don’t know. He seems really open to learning from his patients and that’s something you don’t hear every day. Secondly, and … READ MORE

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    Dove - AGAIN

    October 19th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Hey, maybe this is just too much attention on one issue but I found this too interesting to ignore. Dove, as we’ve seen here and here, is the creator of some very interesting ads that challenge mainstream ideas of beauty. In India, writes Munisha Tumato for Vancouver’s Mehfil magazine, Dove’s parent company is taking a different approach. Unilever is staging a massive campaign to promote their skin whitening product, shamefully dubbed “Fair and Lovely.” This is so … READ MORE

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    Language policing

    October 15th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Recently, eighteen members of New York’s City Council sponsored a resolution to ban the use of bitch and ho as “hateful language [that] creates for all women a paradigm of shame and indignity.” While I never use these words myself it is somewhat disturbing to think of a city banning words. I’d love it if people didn’t use these words while their hateful baggage is still attached to them but controlling language through laws is highly … READ MORE

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    When the men speak…

    September 25th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Tonight on CNN Gordon Ramsay, celebrity chef, will be talking about his experience growing up witnessing his father abuse his mother. In the online promo for the interview he talks about his childhood and the charity work he does to help survivors of domestic violence. He even urges others to get involved in the issue: I encourage everyone to help take a stand against domestic violence. So this is all good right? It draws attention to the … READ MORE

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    Digging into the archives and finding a classic

    September 21st, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    Last night I watched an old film I’ve been meaning to see for a long time. And I got it from my favourite movie store, the public library. Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography is a Canadian classic. Made by Bonnie Sherr Klein (mother of Seth and Naomi) and the National Film Board in 1981 I found this to be a thought provoking and powerful analysis of an industry that largely goes ignored by … READ MORE

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    Cosmetic Surgery For Everyone!

    August 16th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    If you’ve been feeling concerned about the lack of accessibility in the plastic surgery industry  due to high costs you can rest easy. This  New York Times article argues that getting your body and face altered is no longer just for the rich and famous. Now that people see cosmetic surgery as a normal luxury item, much like a car, they are apparently willing to borrow money to finance their physical alterations. As one company set up specifically for … READ MORE

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    Movies that Matter

    August 10th, 2007     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

    In honour of the first official Film Friday I’m posting the following: As a guy who loves hip hop I’m always nervous when checking out musicians I don’t know. You just can’t be sure when your joyful booty shaking is going to come to a screeching halt brought on by a hateful, sexist lyric. So I was especially excited to check out this new documentary, Counting Headz - South Afrika’s Sistaz in Hip Hop, which screened … READ MORE

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