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    The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom

    July 29th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    There’s been a lot of talk about teenage pregnancy in the news and in films, lately. But what’s often left out is how marginalized teenage mothers are, and how institutions often discriminate against these women, rather than support them. Katherine Arnoldi’s graphic novel, The Amazing True Story of a Teenage Single Mom, beautifully tells the story of her struggle as a young mother. Arnoldi got pregnant at 17, and with little support from her family, she … READ MORE

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    Making comics!

    July 21st, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    Recently, after a stint of reading a bunch of great comics, I got inspired, and thought, “I’ll make comics!” Or maybe I had just read a bunch of sexist comics not fit to use as kitty litter and thought, “God, I could make a way better comic than that.” I quickly discovered a difficult truth: making comics is hard! I can’t draw! Characters’ facial expressions are impossible to capture and drawing hands, wtf? Also, combining words and … READ MORE

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    I am obsessed with Colleen Coover.

    July 15th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    How can one person draw so many perfect pictures? Every one of them beautiful, silly, sexy and adorable! And, many of them are pornographic. Colleen Coover, a Portland, Oregon based artist is best known for her series Small Favors, which is porn. But it’s the kind of porn anyone can get behind (pun intended?), because it’s hot, but also super cute and funny. Coover designed the book to “celebrate sex and the pretty girls who enjoy … READ MORE

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    The Physics of Superheroes

    July 7th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    Comics are great for using weird, pseudo-science to explain fantastical characters and plots. The Scarecrow is dosing all of Gotham with a poisonous gas that causes scary, psychedelic trip-outs and makes everyone kill each other? Buh? What? Well, he’s poured it all into the water system and now he’s using a giant microwave which vaporizes the water and make the air poisonous. Oh, okay. That totally makes sense. Dr. James Kakalios, a Physics professor and comics … READ MORE

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    Blog About It

    June 30th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    Your average comic blog is easy to find in this crazy world called the internet. Just google “Final Crisis,” and you’ll find pages and pages of boys talking about comics. But there’s one that outblogs all the other blogs ever blogged. Living Between Wednesdays is the best, most hilarious, funnest comics blog out there. It’s written by my co-worker/band-mate/BFF, Rachelle Goguen, but personal bias aside, it totally rules. Rachelle has a deep, undying love of comics, coupled … READ MORE

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    Catwoman’s cancelled and I’m taking it personally!

    June 23rd, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    A few weeks ago, DC comics announced that they’d be cancelling the monthly Catwoman comic series. The next issue of Catwoman will be the last. It’s one of those times where I wonder if DC stands for Douchebag Comics. DC has like, thirty super-hero titles starring men, and maybe five that are about women. (And sorry, but most of those suck. Birds of Prey is consistently good, and Wonder Woman sometimes, but, like, Supergirl is just … READ MORE

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    Making Buffy Beautiful

    June 16th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    I just got home from a week of touring with my band, and let me tell you, St. John’s, Newfoundland is a totally rad place. While we were there, my guitar player mentioned on stage that it was Slayer Day, a day to celebrate the metal band. But several audience members immediately thought of that other Slayer, and called out “Buffy!!!” I love that Buffy has permeated people’s consciousness so much. Buffy was the slippery slope … READ MORE

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    Coco Wang’s China 5.12 earthquake comic strips

    June 9th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    This on line comic strip was brought to my attention by Cate, Shameless’ awesome new web editor. Coco Wang is creating these amazing online comic strips based on news stories about the earthquake in China. They are the personal stories of the people affected, the stories that are missing in our CBC media coverage. The comics are moving, funny, inspiring and completely devastating. I found this one particularly moving. Read all of Wang’s comic series here. … READ MORE

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    Faith Erin Hicks totally rules!

    June 2nd, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    I am so pumped about women and comics lately. Not only are there some amazing ladies making comics, there are amazing ladies who make funny, cute, smart comics, live in my town, and are totally cool people in real life! Well, there’s one anyway. Faith Erin Hicks is an awesome cartoonist who happens to live in Halifax. Faith is best know for her book Zombies Calling, which came out last year and was released by SLG … READ MORE

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    May 30th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    If you live in Halifax, and enjoy kicking it on two wheels, check out this awesome weekly event: Every Tuesday from 6 until 8, there will be women/identified bike nights at the Bike Space at Bloomfield Centre. The idea is to have a casual, drop in style night where basic bicycle repair skills are accessible to women and trans folks. Bring your bike in and ask questions and we’ll move through some basic repair and maintenance … READ MORE

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    Dead People, Dads and Daedalus: Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home

    May 25th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    One of my favourite things about working in a comic store is when someone comes in with a look of complete fear and confusion. Usually these are the people who have never read a comic before, or haven’t read a comic in decades or who just found out that comics aren’t always about Superman. Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home is one of my favourite books to recommend to a non-comic reader (or I should say, new comic … READ MORE

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    Run, Run, Run, Run, Runaways!

    May 19th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    Ever thought your parents were evil? Ever feel like you were raised by super villains? Playing on suspicions we all might’ve had about our families at some point, the kids in Runaways discover that their parents are part of an association of the most powerful super villains in LA. They band together against their parents (and other bad guys) and run away to make up for the destruction their parents have caused. Runaways is a monthly series … READ MORE

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    Comics are for everybody!

    May 12th, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments

    Comics are totally rad! But the world of comics can be hard to navigate, and a little off-putting for radical minded folks. I love comics. But when I read some of them, I’m sometimes forcing myself to look past the sexist, racist, ableist, classist and heteronormative aspects of the writing and art. In comics, you don’t always see representations of people who are not white, middle class, able-bodied straight men. When you picture a super-heroine, what … READ MORE

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