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    the small distance between losing you and losing myself (and keeping us both for good)

    May 19th, 2016     by Anonymous Blogger     Comments

    Writer’s Note: This post contains discussion of abusive family dynamics, suicidal ideation, death, and losing a parent to a terminal illness. Please take care while reading. My dad was diagnosed with cancer on March 16 2016, and passed away on May 2nd the same year. I originally wrote this piece in April, a few weeks before his death. I am the baby of my family. My mother, dad, and sister emigrated from India to Canada years before … READ MORE

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    Connnections to our Land Create Health

    October 17th, 2014     by Jamie Jacques     Comments

    Our health greatly depends on the relationship that we have with our Earth Mother because connecting with her can create health and happiness for us. As an Indigenous person I believe that our health greatly depends on our connections with Creation and we should be looking to Earth Mother for guidance. READ MORE