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    How we react to people who say rape jokes aren’t funny

    July 12th, 2012     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Trigger warning: this post contains mentions of rape. Trigger warning on comments in the link at Buzzfeed. It all started with a post called “So a Girl Walks into a Comedy Club….” shared on Tumblr July 10th. A person who normally uses her tumblr to share baking recipes instead decided to use that platform as a way to call attention to a more serious issue. An unnamed friend of hers was at a comedy club, and … READ MORE

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    Which feminist messages dominate?

    March 6th, 2012     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Tumblr is one of the many online networks I, and thousands of others, use in the course of a regular web browsing day. For those of you not familiar with the website, all you need to know is this: it’s basically a microblogging and social networking site which allows you to post many different kinds of content (links, quotes, images) to one “” space. You can “follow” any number of individual tumblr blogs. When you … READ MORE

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    halloween 101 for critical thinkers

    October 28th, 2011     by Julia Caron     Comments

    [cross-posted from a l’allure garconniere] halloween is a tricky time of year for me, and for lots of critical folks. i’ve written about it many times over the years, and for the most part it often feels like my concerns and criticisms are ignored. but! this year i’ve found myself pleasantly surprised. i’ve been spotting these interesting articles and images around poor judgement around halloween cotumes scattered across countless different social networks, but thought i might … READ MORE

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    What is James Bond doing in drag? A sexist icon speaking out against sexism

    March 9th, 2011     by Julia Caron     Comments

    On March 8th, I thought I’d feel empowered, inspired and reinvigorated about the fight for women’s rights. As most of you know, things haven’t been going so well these days. When I heard the day coincided with Fat Tuesday AND Pancake Day, I almost took the day off work to sit around topless at home and eat vagina shaped pancakes (I didn’t, and I still regret it) But the more media coverage I consumed … READ MORE

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    why you (or your dog) shouldn’t dress up as antoine dodson for halloween

    October 29th, 2010     by Julia Caron     Comments

    In the days leading up to and following people getting decked out to the nines in incredibly racist and sexist costumes on Halloween, much ink gets spilled in response to the sexist side of things. When it comes to racist costumes, though? People are much less likely to see things in a cut and dry manner. While the sexist costumes are pretty much straightforwardly and unabashedly sexist and heteronormative, the racist costumes are often the … READ MORE

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    Response to Teen Youth Suicides: Does it really get better?

    October 5th, 2010     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Many of you have probably heard of the It Gets Better project which was created last week, in response to the tragic suicides of 6 gay teens. As someone who is queer and has worked for queer youth organizations in the past, this obviously piqued my interest. Unfortunately it didn’t take more than two or three videos for my cynicism to kick in… The first question that popped into my head upon watching was: Will watching … READ MORE

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    FILM FRIDAYS: Crafting Girl on Girl Hate

    September 26th, 2010     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Most feminist-leaning young women who grew up in the 90s have a special place in their hearts for the 1996 cult hit The Craft. For every girl who played “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” who wished they could use magic to end the bullying they suffered at school, there was The Craft. So when my best friend suggested I rewatch it as potential Halloween costume inspiration, I had my doubts; I seriously … READ MORE

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    Youth In Revolt: Mildly Revolting

    August 27th, 2010     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Youth in Revolt’s premise is a familiar one, with some unexpected twists along the way; (virginal, sweet, innocent Nick Twisp) boy meets (flaxen haired, ivory skinned, sexy, intelligent Francophile Sheeni Saunders) girl, boy falls for girl, girl plays with boy but has a much sexier/intelligent/athletic/accomplished boyfriend (who now of course becomes boy’s arch-nemesis by default), girl’s parents hate virginal sweet boy and prevent him from seeing girl, boy decides to fight for girl. By becoming … READ MORE

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    The Runaways: Teenage Badasses

    August 13th, 2010     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Starring Dakota Fanning, Kirsten Stewart, Riley Keough. Directed by Floria Sigismondi, 2009. Ah, the 1970s. Weren’t they great? David Bowie, the groovy threads, all-girl rock bands, second wave feminism… But then again, some second-wavers were pretty racist, and let’s not forget the Lavendar Menace. Actually… when you think about it? Maybe they weren’t all that great. The Runaways is based on the true story of the all-girl rock band of the same name, which brought the world … READ MORE

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    well hello shameless!

    August 6th, 2010     by Julia Caron     Comments

    Hi! I’m julia caron. I’m a 24 year old queer person living in Quebec City. In my years, I’ve worked as a newspaper editor, factory worker, used bookstore clerk, and film society director, to name a few. More recently, I’ve been blogging about fashion from a critical feminist perspective at my blog, a l’allure garconniere, since 2009. I’m really excited to join the ranks of Shameless, as I’ve been a reader for years and am … READ MORE