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    Shameless makes me hopeful for today

    September 12th, 2019     by Jessica Balmer     Comments

    For our fifteenth anniversary we’ve reached out to the Shameless community and asked what the magazine has meant to them. In the fourth post in the series, former reviews editor, Jessica Balmer, describes how Shameless is both process and community. READ MORE

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    Recommended Film: ReGENERATION

    April 10th, 2011     by Jessica Balmer     Comments

    I’ve been thinking a lot about passion lately. Not the amorous kind, but the fire-in-your-belly, intense enthusiasm for intellectual pursuit kind. I realized the people I most admire are the ones who are passionate about something, whether it is feminism, cycling, animal rights, environmentalism, fighting for social justice, etc. The opposite of passion is apathy, and according to the film ReGENERATION, apathy is something that plagues youth culture these days. Throw in an unhealthy dose … READ MORE

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    Review of Women in the Field: Lunch with Jan Wong

    March 24th, 2011     by Jessica Balmer     Comments

    While the first panel discussion of the Women in the Field: Changing the Face of Journalism symposium that happened earlier this week at Ryerson University filled me with dread and fear, the second part inspired me greatly. The goddesses must have been smiling because I managed to snag a seat to the sold-out 2011 Atkinson lecture with Jan Wong. If you’re not familiar with Jan Wong, get acquainted. Wong’s list of accomplishments and controversies shows that … READ MORE