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    Nirbhaya: The Shattering of Silence on Gendered Violence

    November 5th, 2015     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    CONTENT WARNING: This blog contains references to gendered violence. As someone who works in the arts, I have always questioned the role ‘art’ plays in our lives. Especially as a theatre artist, I question what is the role of theatre in society? I see performance as part of our everyday lives. We perform our relationships to each other, which are based and impacted by power dynamics that already exist. Theatre, in particular, is a space in … READ MORE

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    What’s in a Desi identity?

    July 29th, 2015     by Shailee Koranne     Comments

    Desi people are those who are a part of the diaspora. The diaspora is made up of South-Asians who are living outside of South-Asia. I suppose you might have heard about Bobby Jindal, a prominent Republican politician, running for President of the United States in the primaries. Jindal, who is currently serving as governor of Louisiana, is an Indian-American – a Desi. In his announcement speech, Bobby said, “I’m done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. … READ MORE

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    Ms. Fit Magazine: “Real World Feminist Fitness”

    May 1st, 2013     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    Over the last 15 months I have been on a journey of fitness. I was walking down the street on a cold January morning and realized that I needed to make a change. Since that morning, I have joined a gym, taken classes and began practicing yoga. I’ve devoured the fitness magazines at my local public library and looked up various stretches to release my tight hip flexors and techniques to strengthen my rotator cuffs. … READ MORE

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    Check out: What I LOVE about being QUEER

    November 14th, 2012     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    Toronto-based Vivek Shraya is a musician, performer, filmmaker and writer. He was nominated for LGBTQ Person of the Year at the 2012 INSPIRE Awards. His newest short film, What I LOVE about being QUEER, is a minimalist endeavour revolving around the title’s big question posed to 34 individuals. The film, which debuted in June in Toronto, is 18 minutes in length, and has screened at various Queer Film Festivals and universities across Canada, with more … READ MORE

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    A Fight for Healthy Food

    June 1st, 2012     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    Growing up I was lucky in being able to bring a packed lunch to school (even if I was sometimes jealous that I couldn’t always participate in pizza and chocolate milk Fridays). If you happen to go to school where the norm is to purchase your lunches on the premises and you worry about healthy choices, you might find an friendly advocate in Martha Payne, a 9-year-old from Scotland who was fed up with her … READ MORE

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    App for Safety

    February 21st, 2012     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    I can recall when my parents made the decision to purchase a cell phone for me. Their main concerns were the ability to call 911, and to call home for rides. As mobile devices have evolved and we have transformed into a generation of smartphone and social media users, there is now another tool young women can use to assist in their safety. YWCA Canada, the country’s largest and oldest women’s multi-service organization has released … READ MORE

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    December 19th, 2011     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    I am an immigrant. When I was 13, my family became Canadian citizens. I have vague memories of a summer afternoon spent in a medium-sized Ontario town’s city hall chambers where we swore an oath to the Queen and Canada in front of an immigration judge. There were several dozen others there also swearing their oaths. Most clearly, I recall shaking hands with several old, white men, who handed me either a pin of the Canadian … READ MORE

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    If you’ve got “boy parts,” you can’t join…

    November 9th, 2011     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    As a kid, I always dreamt about becoming a Girl Guide like my friends. But, unfortunately, it was something that never happened for a variety of monetary and time-related issues. As an adult, I was finally able to realize that dream by becoming a Brownie Unit Guider. My unit, which I helped to facilitate with two other leaders (including Shameless Reviews Editor, Jessica Balmer!), was home to 14 girls aged 7-8. For one year, we … READ MORE

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    Bill addressing Gender Identity and Expression introduced in B.C. Legislature

    May 30th, 2011     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    On May 26th, Spencer Chandra Herbert, the NDP MLA (Member of the legislative assembly*) for Vancouver-West End, introduced in the legislature a member’s bill intituled Gender Identity and Expression Human Rights Recognition Act, 2011. The Act would ensure that the B.C. Human Rights Code explicitly protects transgender people from discrimination. Under the legislation, “gender identity” and “gender expression” would be prohibited grounds for discrimination. As a prohibited ground, employers, health professionals, landlords or other business owners … READ MORE

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    But That’s Not Normal… Or How Even People In The Liberal Arts Are Enshrined In Gender Norms

    May 16th, 2011     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    There is something I would like to share with all of you, readers. I’d like to talk about a conversation I had this past week with a new coworker and friend, J. During our dinner hour (as J and I munched on some delicious falafels and chicken kebabs), we began to discuss how certain persons at work appear or act uncomfortable around J. To provide some background, J and I work as ushers/concession at a theatre … READ MORE

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    Pick a Colour… Except for Pink

    April 19th, 2011     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    It appears that a boy’s love of pink has others seeing a different colour. Originally, I had planned on discussing Bill C-389 in this column. That was until Julia Horel-O’Brien sent me a link to the reactions a J. Crew email mailer (aka advertisement) has garnered since being sent to customers on April 5th (the advert is now available on the J. Crew website under the feature Jenna’s picks). The layout Saturday with Jenna showcases the company’s … READ MORE

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    Meet Naz!

    April 13th, 2011     by Naz Afsahi     Comments

    Hello! My name is Naz Afsahi and I am so excited to be joining Shameless as a blogger. My Shameless column will deal primarily with issues related to race and representation, and trans rights. The idea is to alternate between these two topics, but if a pressing issue arises on either topic, this schedule may change. My interest in the above topics arises from my personal life experiences and the people who have helped to shape who … READ MORE