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    To my teen self: on walls and anger

    March 13th, 2014     by Josée Madéia     Comments

    All you see now are the walls. The tired din of forced high school attendance, of cliques and peer judgement. The limitations and the lack of choice. READ MORE

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    Sports series: Frames and muscle / the bicycle and the body

    July 19th, 2013     by Josée Madéia     Comments

    There are people who ride bicycles and there are cyclists. I’ve appreciated pedaling since my early tricycle days, but it isn’t until I got an old beater bike to get around while I studied in Sweden that I really embraced the bicycle as a mode of transportation. Everyone rode there. They pedaled to uni, cycled to the stores, to the clubs, the libraries, train stations and everywhere in between. It is here that I learned that … READ MORE

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    Cross-post: body sovereignty and other concepts I’m finding helpful

    June 25th, 2013     by Josée Madéia     Comments

    This post originally appears at word spur. With all the news of child abuse and violence around children during my pregnancy and since the birth of my child, I’ve thought a lot – worried a lot – about how to keep children safe without teaching them to fear people they don’t know, without scaring them and robbing them of the carefree play that so needs to characterize childhood. I’ve read and thought a lot about … READ MORE