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    Important Announcement About the Future of Shameless

    November 10th, 2023     by Cindy Ly     Comments

    Thank you for your support over many years. We hope that Shameless has inspired and moved you to action. READ MORE

  • “Yellow Fever” and the Hypersexualization of Asian Women in Film

    May 1st, 2023     by Robina Nguyen     Comments

    Illustration by Beena Mistry In Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 war film Full Metal Jacket, Papillon Soo-Soo plays a Vietnamese sex worker soliciting American GIs. Scantily clad in a leather slit skirt and teetering high heels, she takes a long, slow drag on her cigarette and recites the lines, “Me so horny. Me love you long time.” The term became sensationalized. You might have heard female vocals ooze the phrase in a 1989 2 Live Crew track. It was … READ MORE