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A Holiday Gift List for girls who ROCK!

December 3rd, 2009     by Desirée O     Comments

The holidays are approaching and if you celebrate by exchanging gifts, some of you might be wondering what to ask for.

In my never-ending quest to see more women significantly recognized in the music world, I’ve put together a little gift guide for all you awesome girls who rock.

1. The Girls’ Guide to Rocking: How to Start a Band, Book Gigs, and Get Rolling to Rock Stardom

The Girls’ Guide to Rocking is a book that definitely would have come in handy when my sixteen year old self was sitting in my room in the oh-so-typical suburban town I grew up in, with no clue how to get started in the vast musical world. A straightforward yet fun guide to the basics with tons of practical advice from women who are actually out there playing music and working within the industry. Tips on everything from choosing an instrument to booking gigs, it’s a great gift for a beginning rock-star.

2. Daisy Rock Guitars

I have tried many times to learn to play guitar and the one thing that continually frustrates me is the size of them. Thought it’s not a problem for all ladies, it’s a problem for me and many other women. I’m not petite, however I struggle with the weight of my guitar and after practicing my chords for a short time my fingers are in scorching pain from trying to stretch them and keep them on the strings.

The solution and possible gift?

A Daisy Rock Guitar. Made with a lightweight design and a thinner neck, the hardest thing about playing a Daisy Rock guitar is deciding which super-stylish one to get. Acoustic, electric, acoustic / electric, bass guitar, left-handed guitars, amps and accessories, Daisy Rock has what you need. With a quality and sound that matches the pro guitars on the market, Daisy Rock is not to be taken lightly. Having lines for both the junior rocker and the grown-up rock-goddess, they’re reasonably priced and available online as well as various music stores in Canada.

3. “What would Joan Jett do?” shirt

Navigating the music biz can be difficult and sometimes you need a little advice from someone who’s been there and done that. If you don’t have a direct-line to a rock-star mentor, try channeling the guidance of the always amazing Joan Jett with the “What would Joan Jett Do?” shirt from BUST Magazine’s Boobtique. Available in red and pink.

These are just a few suggestions, but trust me, there are plenty of other amazing items out there made specifically for you vixens of verse and beats.

Have any suggestions of your own of awesome gifts to give?

What are YOU hoping to graciously receive this year?

Rock on, ladies! And Happy Holidays!

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