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A Little Mainstream Size Acceptance?

April 3rd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

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Some days I like to point out when mainstream women’s magazines suck (which is often). Other days I like to be an optimist and point out when mainstream women’s magazines are doing positive things.

Today it appears to be a positive. Canadian “shopping magazine” LouLou (put out by the mega corporate Rogers Publishing) is partnering with Addition Elle to introduce a clothing line for plus-sized women that is branded with the LOULOU name:

“Collaborating with Addition Elle feels like the perfect fit,” says Marie-Jose Desmarais,Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of LOULOU. “Our fashion-forward plus-sized readers are always asking us for tips and shopping advice, and we feel that this collection meets their needs. LOULOU is a style-savvy shopping inspiration for women - no matter what their dress size. So at last: a fabulous, trendsetting collection designed especially for plus-sized women.”

The LouLou Limited Edition collection is “designed and developed by Addition Elle, using the fashion expertise of LouLou editors.” Also of note, LouLou has a section of their website called “14+”:

Tips and trends for the LOULOU girl who knows that sexy doesn’t stop at size 8.

So what do we think? A step in the right direction? Or just another marketing ploy?

Of course, check out our latest issue for more on size activism.

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