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According to KY, Women are responsible for buying lubricant, and gay people don’t exist.

June 4th, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

KY’s new “couples” lubricant Yours+Mine makes some pretty sweeping assumptions about how people have sex and with whom. Two lubricants: “Mine” for her and “Yours” for him. Electric blue for boys and pink–well, okay, purple–for girls.

I’m all for fun sex products, but I’m not so into how branded hetero this product is without a vague awareness that it is. Maybe it’s because it’s the first couples lubricant I’ve ever seen, but I’m really struck by how “sex is for a boy and a girl” it seems while most other products are “personal.” (I also don’t like that the woman’s lube is “mine” because she’s the one buying it in the birth control aisle of her local Shopper’s Drug Mart. While you could argue it’s cool that they’re implying that a woman can be involved in her own pleasure, I’m inclined to think it’s connected to a “women are responsible for birth control” stereotype I’m not a fan of.)

Regardless of what you think of the product, I think it’s really important for us to recognize and critique how often heteronormativity creeps into our daily media.

Harmless on it’s own? Maybe. Part of a larger problem? Sure. Pissing me off? Yup.

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