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Advertisers -1 Billion: Us - 4

August 7th, 2008     by Tuval Dinner     Comments

Think anything… Adbusters: Tony de Marco

This news is a year old but its new to me. Sao Paolo, the world’s 4th biggest city, banned most forms of outdoor advertising in January of 2007. After a little research I found out that four US states (Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine) also have bans on billboards.

Shameless has been doing a lot of writing about about the advertising world’s negative portrayals of women (here, here, and here).

Is this kind of ban a possibility in Canadian cities? Is it a form of censorship? Anyone been to Sao Paolo since the ban went into effect?

Personally, I would love to walk and bike around my city without feeling like my brain is being invaded by every bus shelter, garbage bin, highway-side lawn ad, and billboard I see.

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