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An Environmental (& Cost) Question. Period.

December 20th, 2008     by Desirée O     Comments

Julia Schopick from The Keeper, Inc. was awesome enough to leave us a comment in a recent Shameless Women post to let us know that they’ve put together a page on their site to show the average environmental and financial cost of using tampons.

“It gives a terrific visual representation of the amount of WASTE that is created by ONE WOMAN’S disposable menstrual products in one month, one year, 10 years, and 40 years (the menstruating lifetime of the average woman)! Please take a look. I think you’ll agree that these photos are real eye-openers. If only more women would realize how much waste they are foisting on the environment when they use disposable tampons and pads.”

Check out how much waste is produced in just one year:

courtesy of The Keeper, Inc.

Think that’s a lot? You won’t believe how much waste is produced in 10 years … OR 40! Make sure to check out the comparison pics (with info) here.

For an alternative to tampons, you can find out more about the awesome products that The Keeper, Inc. has to offer that are “economical, efficient, comfortable, and environment-friendly”.

Thanks for the tip, Julia!

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