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“And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.”

July 16th, 2008     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

The famous Wonder Woman jumper created by Practical Polly.

As far as empowered and hip feminist idols go, Wonder Woman is hands-down the favourite of many third-wavers, comic lovers, epherma junkies, and crafters. While her outfit can be seen as another reason to wear very few clothes on Hallowe’en, as a costume it has a sense of ownership and agency that a Playboy Bunny costume or a Swedish Bar Maid costume can’t afford you.

Often crafters take on the Wonder Woman motif in surprising and inspiring ways. At Instructables there is a tutorial on how to subvert “the man” by turning that Barbie-doll-of-oppression into a feministy-Wonder Woman (you could probably add some clay or duct tape to give her a more realistic shape!). And Craftster user chris_wass created a knitted Wonder Woman costume! But, my favourite is the Wonder Woman Jumper. Created by Practical Polly, the jumper has gained notoriety for the wonderful pattern and for being a garment you can wear more often than a tights-required costume.

If you don’t have the crafty bug in you there are also a handful of Wonder Woman themed handmade items available on Etsy, likr this intricate Wonder Woman charm bracelet, this duct tape wallet, or this votive candle.

We’ll always be safe (and crafty) as long as Wonder Woman is around.

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