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September 26th, 2007     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Every time I hear about Giselle Webber, she just gets better and better.

From an interview in Nightlife Magazine: Nightlife: How does your feminist side come to terms with the fact that you’ve become a rock and roll sex symbol? Giselle Webber: When I’m on stage, I try to emulate my rock heroes who throw their bodies down, freak out with their guitars and shake and scream. Because I have boobs that jiggle and an ass, it’s considered sexy. […] If a guy was doing the same thing, he’d just look like a tough rocker dude onstage. When a girl does it, it’s instantly porno because the only other time you see a girl on the stage freaking out like that is in a strip club. It’s twisted, women are so completely sexualized whereas I’m just trying to do some cool rock moves and have some presence.

She’s not the first person to point out the double standard, but it’s shockingly rare to see it in print. Hats off to her, and to Nightlife for daring to broach the f-word in an interview!

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