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Announcing L Project!

May 22nd, 2008     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

From our good friends at

We are so pleased to announce L Project, our brand new, national, leadership training program! Where: Camp Perce-Neige - an hour north west of Montreal in the Laurentian Mountains.

When: October 19-26, 2008

L Project - Leadership Building for Young Women is a training for 20 young women, ages 16-24, from across Canada. L Project is for young women who have an interest in getting involved in their community and want to create action on issues that are important to them. For 7 days, 20 girls from across the country will be getting together to do activities and workshops about how to organize, plan events, talk to the media, report on projects, change policies and change their world! Afterward, we will be participating in PCN/FA’s National Network Retreat, where we will do skill-building workshops, intergenerational networking, sharing projects and knowledge and more!

The L Project training is part of a larger program. We expect that participants come to the training having done some thinking and research on issues that interest them in their community. The L Project extends beyond the training too! We will support participants in finding mentors and getting their ideas off the ground in the months after meeting. If you would like to participate in this event, please take into consideration that it is a longer commitment than the 7 day training! The deadline to register is June 23, 2008. Space is limited so register now!

PCN/FA will be financing the travel and accommodation costs of those who are not able to do so. Please indicate on the application form whether or not you require a subsidy to participate.

For more information and online registration click here!

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