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Another Thing We Can Blame Feminism For

June 25th, 2009     by Diandra Oliver     Comments

Hey ladies! Didn’t you know that you didn’t need a rugged, “manly” man? And that Feminism with a capital “F” has trained your brain to not only think for itself (!!) but to long for not-too-rugged jaw lines? Well, don’t fret because the New Male Beauty is here!

Ed Westwick’s GQ photoshoot remixed Jezebel

Straight from Jezebel, it seems that Irina Aleksander at the New York Observer has scoured the television for images of this new man. Her argument? They all look the same: girlie, non-threatening, and their faces are completely symmetrical.

Now, if you’re on the hunt trying to distinguish one of these beautiful boys from our popular culture here’s a list of traits to look for: “heavy upper eyelash and eyebrows, not super-strong cheekbones and very soft jaw lines”. According to a prominent scholar, nowadays women are interested in men who look like babies not those handsome, rugged manly men of the yesteryear like George Clooney and Brad Pitt!

And Feminism, they’re blaming you! By emancipating women and providing us with the tools empowerment through the dismantling of the patriarchy you have created this evil mix-gendered spawn, the Stepford-like New Male Beauties!

“Maybe the guys in their 20s are now the first children of children of divorce, and so maybe that is when fathers started getting more involved, and does that make them softer and more thoughtful?” theorized Ms. Hiller, the casting director. “Or maybe the lines of men and women are getting very blurred. Guys have just started becoming increasingly more approachable.”

Other theorists, though, blame Tobey Maguire for not giving up his role in Spiderman to Jake G! And look where that got us Tobey: men across North America are going into their family doctor plastic surgeon and requesting baby faces!

“Fifteen years ago, when men came in, they absolutely wanted to maintain that rugged look, which meant that higher bridge and stronger features, but now they want a softer look,” [Dr. Pearlman] said. “Our culture is leaning towards a more empathetic man who can understand a woman’s feelings, and that comes out in new facial features.”

Is this the new Feminist backlash? Picking on men in our society and pointing out how unmanly they are and blaming feminism for taking all the rugged jaw lines away? I mean, we wanted them to hold us while we cried, to take us shopping, and be proud of us when we got that promotion but no no no! We did not want them to lose their manly sex-appeal, because obviously, New York Observer, that’s all that men are good at, right? (end rant).

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