Applications Open: The Youth Feminist Media Project Incubator!

September 28th, 2021     by Sheila Sampath     Comments

Shameless is thrilled to announce the feminist media project incubator, open to youth 13-19 across Canada.


From October to December, you—youth (13-19) from across Ontario and Canada—are invited to join Shameless Youth Advisory Board (YAB) members in imagining and executing feminist media projects that reflect your ideas, experiences and vision for the world. This is a paid opportunity.

As a cohort, you’ll be participating in short, synchronous workshops, building skills on collective organizing, ideation, decision-making and project planning, all while collaborating in small groups on visioning and executing a media project with support of Shameless staff.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project will be facilitated completely online using a part synchronous and part asynchronous format. While we’ll miss being able to hold (IRL) space and share snacks, we are excited to open this opportunity up to youth across what is now known as Canada! You will require a stable internet connection and computer or tablet to participate.

Project details:

We will have three groups to carry out three separate projects. You’ll meet and discuss what to do, and the YAB facilitators will support you along the way. You’ll also attend guest workshops to help you with the more technical, administrative details to make sure you’re prepared. Each group will also receive a budget to account for materials, work, guests, artists and whatever the project needs. These projects are self-determined, loosely centered on defining and uplifting feminist media, so your group will decide what the project will be. It can be a written piece, artifact, visual piece, etc.


We’ve broken down the program into four phases:

Phase 1: Orientation, ice-breakers and group formation

This is an opportunity to get to know Shameless, the rest of your co-hort, and to talk through our shared values, ways of working, and vision for the world. This orientation will result in the formation of three groups (of four people each)

Key dates:

  • Saturday October 16th 1pm-4pmEST via Zoom

Phase 2: Capacity-building and project planning

Each week, we will host a one-hour zoom workshop, exploring the following topics: building cultures of care, ideation and visioning, collective decision making and working across difference, project planning. Each group will be asked to self-organize a two-hour meeting to move forward with establishing group norms, visioning, and project planning with regular check-ins and support from a Shameless staff facilitator.

Key dates:

  • Monday October 18th 8pm-9pm EST via Zoom + 2h meeting with group any time during the week

  • Monday October 25th 8pm-9pm EST via Zoom + 2h meeting with group any time during the week

  • Monday November 1st 8pm-9pm EST via Zoom + 2h meeting with group any time during the week

  • Monday November 8th 8pm-9pm EST via Zoom + 2h meeting with group any time during the week

Phase 3: Project execution

This phase provides an opportunity for groups to execute their project plan. We have budgeted a maximum of four hours/week per person, as envisioned below. Groups are also provided with a small budget for materials, extra honorarium, etc.

Key dates:

  • Week of November 15th: 2h group meeting + 2h of offline work

  • Week of November 22nd: 2h group meeting + 2h of offline work

  • Week of November 30th: 2h group meeting + 2h of offline work

  • Week of December 6th: 2h group meeting + 2h of offline work

Phase 4: Regroup and celebration

And, finally, we’ll come together to share our projects with each other, and to talk about how we’d like to share them with the world!

Key dates:

  • Saturday December 18th 1pm-4pm via Zoom

Time commitment and payment:

Each participant is paid $20/h, as broken down with the hours above. Payment will be disbursed bi-weekly via e-transfer.


We want to get to know you and learn more about how you see this program taking form! We have a short application for you to fill out in order to participate. From here, we’ll review the applications and notify everyone of the results, no matter the outcome.

Applications are due on or before Friday October 8th, and applicants will be notified by Tuesday October 12th.

Benefits of joining the project:

  • gain new project planning skills and execution experience for resume

  • get to know other youth from across Canada

  • discuss topics, issues and ideas in a compassionate space

  • opportunity to join the YAB long-term

To apply, please fill out this short application found here by Tuesday October 12th: (

If you have any questions, please email

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