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Bacardi shoots itself in the ugly foot

June 19th, 2009     by Mir Verburg     Comments

Check out the fantastic summer ad campaign by Barcardi:

The Get An Ugly Girlfriend campaign (Link via Jezebel: I don’t wanna send any traffic Bacardi’s way) proposes that ugly girls make better friends, because by hanging around mirror-busters you (the hot but totally shallow one) end up looking better.

It’s astounding how low an opinion ad executives have of women.

The only time I ever have ever drunk Bacardi was when, as a young woman / lightweight I used to get plastered on Breezers and then end up having a post-party puke-fest at the donut store.

How’s that for ‘ugly girlfriend’?

Bacardi, you make terrible bottled mixers suitable only for naive lightweights who can’t hold their liquor.

Oh yeah, and your latest campaign is pathetic.

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