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Back up plan

September 27th, 2005     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

You can read about access to Plan B (emergency contraception, a.k.a. the morning after pill) in our upcoming Fall issue, but in the meantime, take a look at the thorough report complied by Women and Health Protection (WHP) and the Canadian Women’s Health Network (CWHN).

The groups want better access to Plan B, especially for teenage girls. While teen pregnancy rates have been dropping because of high birth control use, according to the report, girls age 15-19 are more likely to engage in unplanned intercourse and more likely to not use contraception regularly, or at all.

And while Plan B is available in Canada without a prescription, there still exists a lack of awareness about emergency contraception. Plan B is expensive for many people, and there are still unnecessary blocks in obtaining it. WHP and CWNH, along with women across the country, are lobbying for Plan B to be available at any retail outlet, along with better access for low income women and comprehensive sex education.

Read all about it here. Then spread the word.

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