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Be Good, Shameless Readers, and Vote for a Cover!

August 20th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Yes, it’s true. I wrote a book. And the book I wrote almost has a cover. That’s where you come in, Shameless Blog readers. Me and the powers that be have finally settled on two possible covers and want you, the smart and sassy readers that you are, to choose the cover for Be Good.

All you need to do is write your vote in the comments section of this blog posting and once the votes are tallied we’ll decide on a winner! Then, in October 2007, you’ll see the cover you chose in bookstores across the nation.

Also, as a special thank-you for your input, you can email me your mailing address and I’ll send you, absolutely free, this snazzy 1” Be Good pin (while supplies last, of course.)

Here’s your choices (click the images for bigger versions):

Be Good Cover #1:


Be Good Cover #2:


Voting closes on Friday, August 24th, so vote today! More information about the book after the break.Tightrope Books is proud to announce the launch of Stacey May Fowles’ debut novel: Be Good My past is a carefully linked chain of lies and my present is nothing more than the sparkle of swept dust.

In this gritty first novel by Stacey May Fowles, a group of Canadian twenty-somethings wrestle with sex, love, and lies. Each character has a distinct persona made of secrets and deceptions, which is shattered by the end of the book. Set against the acutely drawn urban landscapes of Montreal and Vancouver, Morgan and Hannah struggle to navigate the maze of love affairs, failed relationships, obsessions, and departures from the familiar.

Deftly shifting perspective from the innocent and idealistic Hannah to the streetwise and damaged Morgan, to their friends and the men in their lives, Be Good eloquently exposes the lies we tell ourselves and others in order to cope with life and reveals the ongoing alienation and isolation of a world where the only reliable narrator is the future.

Advance Praise for Be Good “In turns, humourous and hard-wired, tawdry and tender, Stacey May Fowles’ Be Good is essential reading for women in their 20s. For anyone beyond, this novel rebuilds the importance of those years, illuminating the darkest parts, and startling in its ability to remind you where you’ve been. Fowles knows how to make sentences shake their booty in the best of vintage dresses. Her writing sings love songs for best friends who have gone to the brink.” -Emily Schultz, author of Black Coffee Night and Joyland

“Be Good whispers clumsy drunken memories and desperate revisionist accounts into the ears of readers, capturing perfectly the quarter-life crisis in all its sexy, sleazy, blissful agony.” – Zoe Whitall author of Bottle Rocket Hearts

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