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beating around the bush

November 3rd, 2008     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Hey savvy Shameless readers, I’m getting stoked for a piece I’m writing for the next issue of the magazine, and it’s on, yes indeed, masturbation. So in the interest of research, I am soliciting your stories, opinions, and advice here. Tell me all about your experiences letting your fingers do the walking, dialing the rotary phone, uh, playing the clitar? (List of hilarious euphemisms here.) My questions are, namely:

When and how did you learn to masturbate? Did it change how you think about and relate to your body and your sexuality? Do you have any technical tips or advice?

Write your response in the comments section of this post, below. You can leave as much information in your post as you’d like - your name, age, and city, or any of the above, or nothing at all - you can make up a fake name or post anonymously. If you do leave a comment, be warned (or honoured) that I may be quoting you as a Master Bator in the next issue of Shameless.

By the way, although I’m happy for everyone who gets joy from yanking the chank, I’m only looking for stories from (self-identified) women for this piece. I’ve already read Portnoy’s Complaint, sorry guys.

Thanks! If you need a little inspiration, here’s Cyndi Lauper with her classic anthem about tiptoeing through the twolips (umm… yeah. That’s what I said), She Bop.

(YouTube won’t let me embed the video, so… come back real soon!)

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