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Big Moves - Because Every Body Can Dance

June 8th, 2006     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

Okay, maybe some of you readers – like me – have been or are currently involved in a little something known as dance classes. And maybe some of you have been or are currently a wee bit put off by what appears to be a cult of the willowy and emaciated. Well, Big Moves is here to put an end to that clichee of the dance world. For those of you in Montreal, check out their show at the Fringe Fest this week! They’re performing in NYC as well, but there don’t seem to be any other Canadian tour dates (hint hint: Torontonians, get on the ball! Bring these ladies to you!). Heck, why not go visit them in NYC? More info about the show below:

Big Moves presents

THE BIG SPENDER TOUR Fresh, fat, and freaky in Montreal! St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival Sunday, June 11, through Sunday, June 18 shows at various times Theatre La Chapelle, 3700 rue-St. Dominique, Montreal Tickets: $9 at the door (that’s Canadian money!), festival passes available online

Like other Big Moves shows, Big Spender in Montreal is a masterful mix of audience favorites and brand-new numbers, led by Filling the Stage, Big Moves’ musical theater company, which returns with three hot new numbers, including one collaboration with the Phat Fly Girls for a super-fly twist on a stripper classic. We’re recruiting local big performers for some grand guest turns, and we may even trot out the big guns with “Big Fat Lesbians Doing Dildo Humor”, a post-modern movement theater piece that is guaranteed to make audience members giggle nervously.

In Montreal we’ll adding to our usual amazing dance revue such classics as Guess our cast’s collective weight, the Booty-lympics and live, on-stage tit- and ass-print paintings, which audiences will be able to buy at bargain prices. The mondo merch table and snack bar will be open, of course, with our usual full-fat guarantee: no diet snacks, or your money back!

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