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Body-positive resolutions

January 6th, 2010     by Julia Horel     Comments

I used to be a hardcore New Year’s resolver, and my resolutions always centred around weight loss (with occasional token other resolutions thrown in: “stop biting nails” was a classic). When I was 17, my entire resolution, written on a piece of paper and sealed in an envelope was simply a three-digit number: my goal weight.

For the past two years, I have refused to make any resolutions at all, but I think I’m now far enough removed from my dieting mentality to make a few. I challenge anyone who is the resolution-making type to make a few of your own that focus on what you can do for yourself and others, not what you see in the mirror or on the scale.

Mine? 1. Train to run 10km. 2. Continue to improve my relationship with food and eat joyfully. 3. Re-connect with at least three friends I’ve lost touch with. 4. Read up on a few new social issues. 5. Be gentle with and kind to myself.

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