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Bones tackles bisexuality

November 19th, 2008     by Michelle Schwartz     Comments

I have been a fan of Fox’s Bones for a few seasons now. What started out as a rather forced procedural has settled into a fun combination of science mystery and screwball comedy, with an awesome cast full of powerful women. Plus, David Boreanaz is just so dreamy… Ahem. Moving on.

Angela and her new girlfriend on Fox’s “Bones” Fox TV

The show has recently introduced a new romance for resident artist and flower child, Angela Montenegro. The object of her affection? A mysterious woman from her past. While the show seems to have blundered into this storyline in a rather unplanned manner, Angela has long been depicted as an openly sexual character. She flirts with whomever is nearby, male or female, loves having sex, and lives life to the fullest, even managing to forget at one point that she was married, having gotten hitched while, if I recall correctly, drunkenly swimming nude in the moonlit Caribbean sea. With so many TV shows depicting women as either henpecking harpies, constantly trying to “trick” men into marriage, or frigid, career obsessed bitches who hate sex, free-loving Angela has been a much needed breath of fresh air.

I just hope ABC takes a few lessons from Fox. While Angela happily moons over her new girlfriend on Fox, ABC has managed to split up the one lesbian relationship left on TV in favor of a love triangle with a ghost, kick off the only remaining major lesbian character on TV, and dump their star transgendered character, Ugly Betty’s Alexis Meade. Shame on ABC! And lets just hope Fox doesn’t manage to screw things up too badly.

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