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Books for Girls, Books for Boys

October 22nd, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

A sneak peak at my book shelf, by the way…

One of the UK’s leading websites for English teachers,, is doling out gendered teaching advice in a pretty misguided way. They’ve created a recommended reading list for teens that is split between the sexes:

The boys list contains no books written by women, and tales of adventure, fantasy, and political intrigue…The list for girls reads rather differently. It is full of love stories, and rather short on books with political relevance or even wit and humour.

Books for the boys include works by Huxley and Hemingway, while the girls are reading Chocolat. Boys love shotguns and politics, while girls love food and romance? Collected Voices sums up why this is problematic for both boys and girls:

This does a disservice to both girls and boys, and to literature itself. I read Brave New World when I was around that age, and enjoyed both the science fiction and the political message, despite being a girl! And why should boys miss out on reading Ian McEwan or Iris Murdoch? These lists play into outdated stereotypes and limit the horizons of young people who should be encouraged to explore the world, and widen their literary experiences.

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