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July 31st, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments


The very talented, charismatic and always happy to see you Stef Lenk will be launching her long awaited third installment of the graphic novel The Details next week at the Gladstone Hotel as part of Toronto’s This is Not a Reading Series (or “TINARS” as those indie hipsters call it.) She’s partnering up with yet another talented lady, Shannon Gerard, for a dual launch event which, if the press release is any indication, looks like it will be oodles of shameless body-themed fun:


“The latest installment of my graphic novel The Details is off the presses! Part 3: the Haircut will be launching at the Gladstone on August 7th, along with Shannon Gerard’s brilliant comic of hope and frailty: HUNG no. 3. Come find out what my bizarre little tales have to do with a life-size and fully functioning Operation gameboard.

Along with HUNG, Shan is also launching the BOOBS & DINKS Early Detection Kits. If you don’t know what those are, consider these two words: Plush! Privates! Come see her models as they examine their bits for a public audience. Also, When J(G)ens Go Bad: a super cute DJ duo in matching outfits.

You’ll want to squeeze them too.

The fantastic Damian Rogers and Emily Schultz co-host”

Crocheted Genetalia? Talented female artists? A life-size fully functioning operation gameboard (pictured above)? Fun, fun, fun!


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