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April 24th, 2007     by Audra Williams     Comments

Do people know about the Women’s Future Fund? This is their mandate:

The Women’s Future Fund (WFF) is the first and only national women’s fundraising federation in Canada.

We are a collaboration of women’s organizations pooling our resources to ensure that all women and girls can enjoy the equality rights that Canada offers.

It’s a really interesting idea, and I’m not sure how much success it is having. One of the things they’ve done to promote the Fund is a new series of public service announcements called “A Day in the Life of Canadian Women”. Basically, that’s their first mistake right there. I’m going to link to the ads in a second but I want to disclaim first that I do not think they are in any way representative of what an average Canadian women struggles with every day. A better title would have been “A Day in the Life of the Sort of Canadian Woman who we Think Could Probably Afford to Donate Money to us.” That’s not a complete dismissal of the ad, but it really needs to be said!

Okay! Here is the link to the site with the ads. The other excellent choice that has been made is to have ALL FIVE (or whatever) ads there as ONE LONG MOVIE so you can’t view/share specific ones. The first one is the best, I think. I feel like they should have actually just built the campaign around that ad, and then maybe done some different ones down the road that were more representative a spectrum of Canadian women’s lives.

I can really relate to the first ad. I’ve been the woman that everyone ignores at the meeting. I remember my roommate pointing out at a meeting of the Nova Scotia NDP Youth Wing “Young women never get to finish a sentence at these meetings” and the president (who was my boyfriend at the time) saying “Penelope is saying things that aren’t true again” and walking out of the room. Awesome.

Back to you! What do you think of the ads?

p.s. I finally found the email where our darling Wesley sent me my blogging password! Hi!

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