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britney spears is hott!

September 11th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

I never thought that saying a fit, rich, blonde, young, able, femme-y white woman was good-looking would be a form of resistance - but here I go: Britney Spears is my ideal body type.

Watching her MTV Video Music Awards “comeback” on Youtube, the first thing I thought was, (and I swear this is the truth) “Wow, she looks really healthy and good.” In fact, I was surprised that she looked so healthy, considering the tales of her consecutive nights of drinking with Paris Hilton. So hearing reports on her “lard and clear” performance have been dismaying to say the least.

No, I’m not saying that I thought she looked all right. I’m not saying her appearance was tolerable. I’m not saying that I thought, from a certain angle, she didn’t look that bad. I’m saying, loud and clear: I thought she looked hott.

There is a lot to say about how Britney Spears has been treated in the media, and one day I will get my notes together enough and write a long post on it. But for the time being, even if my one tiny voice is no match for the millions of voices that are saying she’s ugly and dumpy - and consequently creating and intensifying the epidemic of body image problems suffered by women and men the world over - I’m declaring, I thought she looked just great.

So there.


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