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Call For Proposals:  Young Women, Feminism, and the Future

March 20th, 2007     by Thea Lim     Comments

The University of Ottawa is offering a $40,000 grant (or less) to a group of young women, to enable them to run a 3-day workshop on which direction feminism should take. $40,000? Vavavoom!

Are you a group of women seeking change? Do you have ideas about how the feminist movement should change to accommodate the next generation of feminist students and activists? Would you be interested in meeting other feminists with similar interests?

We are looking for proposals from women who would like to organize a 3-day workshop that would bring together feminists to explore how the needs of new generations of women can best be fulfilled in the feminism of the future.

Timing: Workshop to be held in 2008. Location: Anywhere in Canada. Budget: Maximum grant available is $40,000. Who Can Apply: Open to any group of young women (under age 30) in Canada Deadline for Applications: 31 May 2007.

Where to Send Applications:
Claire LHeureux-Dubé Fund for Social Justice c/o Professor Constance Backhouse Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa 57 Louis Pasteur Ottawa K1N 6N5

The Claire LHeureux-Dubé Fund for Social Justice is an organization committed to supporting innovative feminist projects. Check out our website:

Projects will be evaluated by the Board of Directors of the Fund, and selected from the competition based on their propensity to further the egalitarian objectives that underline the legacy of Madam Justice Claire LHeureux-Dubés important contribution to equality within Canadian society. Applicants will be advised of the Boards decision by the fall of 2007.

Format for Applications:

  1. Title of Workshop
  2. Date & Location of Workshop
  3. Objectives of the Workshop
  4. Description of the 3-day Retreat a. Describe the participants you will include criteria for selection, and numbers b. Outline the schedule of activities c. Indicate the anticipated outcomes that the workshop will produce short & long term
  5. Budget: (Maximum $40,000) a. Itemize estimated costs for organization of workshop, travel, accommodation and meals, costs of facilitators/speakers (if any), costs of preparation of final report on outcomes of workshop
  6. Description of the Group Submitting the Proposal a. Name b. History of group (if any) c. Objectives of Group d. Previous activities (if any) e. Contact person: name, address, phone, email.

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