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Calling all trans, gender queer, two spirit, gender variant, and questioning youth!

February 11th, 2013     by Sheila Sampath     Comments

Tired of how poorly we are represented in the media? Fed up with being measured against beauty standards that don’t celebrate you? Tired of comic books that fail to represent you? Tired of stories about trans people written by cis folks? Want to read stories you can relate to?


Why not write those stories and make that media?

Super Trans Powers is an upcoming workshop series offered by Supporting Our Youth and ArtReach Toronto at the Sherbourne Health Centre, for trans, two spirit, genderqueer, gender variant and questioning youth (up to 29 yrs). Our workshops are going to focus on the creation of an anthology of writing, comic art, illustrations and visual art that represents us as trans, genderqueer, two spirit, gender variant and questioning youth in a respectful, fun, exciting and empowering way! We’ll have writing, visual art, and layout workshops. Come join us and find story telling skills you never new you had! Explore new ways to express your unique experience! Learn some tricks to layout your work in a book or zine! See your work in print!

Yeah that’s right, we’re gonna make a book!

It’s gonna be awesome. And FREE!


Visual art workshops with SYRUS MARCUS WARE!

This is gonna rule!

At the Sherbourne Health Centre on Tuesday evenings 7-9. Snacks, TTC tokens and ASL-English Interpretation will be provided. The Sherbourne Health Centre is a wheelchair accessible space. Please contact us with any access needs or concerns.


For updates and more info visit

or e-mail kit wilson-yang at

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