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Campus gropers told to look over shoulders

February 27th, 2011     by Jenna Owsianik     Comments

Last semester at least three women reported being groped while on The University of British Columbia campus. Almost predictably the message from police was for us ladies to watch ourselves and make sure we took the proper steps to avoid being the next target. I didn’t hear police warning men to stop assaulting women.

Then a few weeks ago I came across some signs near the university library giving tips to the campus gropers on how to keep getting away with violating women. Slightly puzzled by their intended meaning I tried sleuthing for the person or people who posted them. No one came forward, but my hunch is whoever put them up was using a sort of dark humour to slam the victim blaming discourses travelling through the university. I’m not sure how effective the signs were in offsetting the standard narrative of putting the responsibility on women after assaults take place. But, they definitely made me smile because I thought, “Hey, I’m not the only one who is fed up here!”

In case you have trouble reading the above sign it says:

ATTENTION GROPERS Based on recent incidents of men groping women on campus, the public has become increasingly concerned with risky groper behaviour. We have compiled a series of tips we think would help you. TIP #1: Frame your entire day, every day, around your groping If you are constantly brainstorming opportunities to grope, noting campus areas amenable to groping, and looking over your shoulder to avoid being caught groping, you can enjoy a life full of groping with impunity. Hey Women, Tired of making your life revolve around them? We are too.

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