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Can you produce an entire novel in a mere 72 hours?

August 28th, 2006     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

A “fad,” an “idle threat,” a “great way to overcome writers block” and “a trial by deadline.”

I have to go ahead and recommend the 3-day novel writing contest (September 2 - 4) to anyone that wants to get it together to produce a book-length manuscript. The idea is that you and hundreds of other writers hide away for Labour Day weekend and produce a literary gem. The winner receives a publishing contract and the runner up, $500.

One year, many moons ago, I signed up to become a shut-in for a long weekend and managed to squeeze out over a hundred pages for submission. Mind you, it was over one hundred very bad pages, but a book nonetheless, and the makings of my first novel.

The website suggests: … Take three deep breaths. Guzzle coffee, black or with sugar. Don’t punish yourself. Do that on Tuesday. Get back to work. Take phone off hook. Pull drapes. If you feel lonely an outcast you are. That manuscript is now your only friend, the only one who cares. Finish it. Let it have a life, even if you don’t. Bravo.

This year the registrations a bit pricey at $50.00, but they do offer group rates if you manage to bring in some fellow writers to enjoy the reclusive revelry. Besides, theres no glaring need to pay the fee to write the novel- you can always forgo the competition completely, simply participate without registration and challenge yourself to complete the literary task at hand.

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