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Catwoman’s cancelled and I’m taking it personally!

June 23rd, 2008     by Tiina Johns     Comments


A few weeks ago, DC comics announced that they’d be cancelling the monthly Catwoman comic series. The next issue of Catwoman will be the last. It’s one of those times where I wonder if DC stands for Douchebag Comics.

DC has like, thirty super-hero titles starring men, and maybe five that are about women. (And sorry, but most of those suck. Birds of Prey is consistently good, and Wonder Woman sometimes, but, like, Supergirl is just awful.) C’mon, DC! Catwoman is my absolute favourite super hero. Don’t do this to me!

Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, was once a Batman villain/love interest, but is now a wicked super-heroine. Or more like, an anti-heroine. She protects Gotham city’s east side, and she particularly looks after sex workers, and other marginalized people who she sees as being ignored by super heroes like Batman. She has a more complicated morality than most super heroes. She’s an expert thief, and steals from drug dealers and crime lords to do things like a build a community centre. But she also keeps enough money to buy herself fancy jewellery and nice cars. Catwoman looks out for her community, but still lives large, all on someone else’s dime.


I hate to use the term ‘role model’ but…

While other lady superheroes fight crime in get-ups that I wouldn’t even wear to the beach, Catwoman roams the streets of Gotham fully clothed and with boots and goggles.


The cast of supporting characters are amazing, and include one of comic’s most beloved lesbian couples, Holly and Karon.

Holly and Karon totally love each other.

Holly is Selina’s BFF/surrogate little sister. They grew up on the streets together, and are awesomely supportive of each other. Holly even took over being Catwoman while Selina had a baby.

Oh, yeah, Catwoman had a baby! As a single lady!


In a crazy moment of comic book realism - her costume didn’t quite fit after she had her baby, ‘cause of her baby weight! I loved it! She’s had to balance a life of Catwoman-ing with a being a mom.

Catwoman wasn’t always this cool. Her character redesign was courtesy of Darwyn Cooke and Ed Brubaker, two of my favourite comic creators. Cooke is well-known for his classic-looking and endless cool female characters. He and Brubaker changed Catwoman from a one-dimensional villain, to the complex, tough and cool character she is today. Will Pfeffier has been writing the series for the past little while, and there’s been some really interesting stuff, especially dealing with being a single mom and super hero.

Anyway, Catwoman has the kind of character traits that are usually reserved for male characters: she’s tough, complex, interesting and fun!

And now she’s gone. Eff you, DC.

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