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Chervil and musk melons and loaf cakes, oh my.

June 3rd, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

The birds are twittering, the squirrels are making squirrel noises, and the smog alerts are daily, which means to me the start of late-spring/summer (or ‘spummer’) and the high-season for visiting farmers’ markets.

It’s been said many times and more eloquently than I can manage (especially sitting here in my muggy apartment), but the bottom line is that we can’t afford to be complacent about where our food comes from. Farmers’ markets support farmers, healthy communities, sustainable rural and urban agriculture, puppies, panda bears… They’re just awesome. Five gold stars to farmers’ markets.

Perhaps someone outside of Toronto can post details on farmers’ markets in other areas, but for those within reach of the GTA, a list of Toronto markets is available here.

But as of this Tuesday, that list will be slightly incomplete, as the wonderful Trinity Bellwoods Park is joining the ranks of rhubarb, herb, heirloom tomato and artisanal bread providers. Their list of vendors makes my mouth water (Wild Blueberry Lemonade? Yes please.)

The Trinity Bellwoods Farmers’ Market will run every Tuesday from 3pm-7pm, from June 5th to October 30th (at the north end of the park).

I like farmers’ markets because they push me out of my food ruts, and are often the first place I encounter such fantastical items as purple carrots and puffball mushrooms. They also provide an opportunity to meet’n’greet the actual people growing the food you put inside you (though there is also room for the shy shopper who just wants to pick up some fresh asparagus and be on their way).

Me and my re-useable shopping bags will be out doing the farmers’ market crawl all spummer and into the fall, rain or shine. Hope to see you out there.

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