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September 19th, 2007     by Nicole Cohen     Comments

Canadians For Choice, a non-profit that works to promote sexual and reproductive rights, is celebrating the upcoming 20th year anniversary of the Morgentaler decision, which decriminalized abortion in Canada.

The contest is a way for people to raise their voices around an issue that’s often silenced. Write a piece on why a pro-choice Canada is so important and you could win a trip to Ottawa and an appearance on national TV. If you send a pro-choice piece of artwork, it may be published on the cover of a book.

Here are the, um, rules: “Tell us in your own words through an essay, song lyrics, a poem, a rant or a testimony why the pro-choice movement has been- and continues to be so important. Or, you may choose to express your pro-choice sentiments through a painting, a drawing, a photo or another form of visual art. Enter the contest as many times as you want, the options are endless!” You can even submit anonymously.

Enter here (scroll down).

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