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Cue The Girl from Ipanema

October 22nd, 2008     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

I haven’t forgotten about Gmail filters, but I feel I should be slightly more alert when I write about them. As my brain feels quite a bit like jello at the moment, it seems possible, nay, likely, that I’d describe a filter that dumps all your mail in the trash. Teeheehee, whoops.

And so, the elevator music equivalent of Wired Wednesday – compilation day, a Gizmodo edition!

NYC tests digital bus ads that change depending on location

“Creative marketing minds have developed a plan to use GPS to deliver neighborhood-specific digital advertising on the side of buses in NYC. Apparently, the ads run like TV commercials and they have begun airing on a single Manhattan route with expansion to 200 buses planned for Q1 of next year.”

(I love Gizmodo’s sample ad that’s never not true.)

Plants. Now with legs!

“We all know that plants tend to grow towards the sunlight–but plants fixed with a set of these robotic legs would actually be able to walk around and find the light as it moves around the room. So, despite your best efforts to kill them, robo-plants will be stayin’ alive”.

(My precious little cat once tried to off a Furby because my sig other was paying too much attention to it. A walking plant wouldn’t last 10 seconds.)

10 Hypnotic Gadgets You Can’t Stop Looking At

Personally, I like the flying fish.

They had me at “racetrack”…

“Intel Brazil has created what’s probably the best office screensaver in the history of office screensavers: a Formula 1 racing course that spans across multiple computers and monitors to offer one seamless view competition all across the office. Once you start them up, the Formula 1 car will go from one computer to the other, following a circuit that has the same topology as the distribution of computers in the office, going through curves, chicanes, and straight lines as needed. The good thing: you can download it yourself for your Mac or PC.”

Thus endeth our short ride on the elevator this week. If you’ve come across any awesome gadgetry (etc), let us know about it in the comments.

(p.s. Are you humming “The Girl from Ipanema”?)


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