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Culture Jamming: The Defacement Edition c/o Defy

October 25th, 2007     by Stacey May Fowles     Comments

Here at Shameless we love our culture jamming. Here’s some news on the latest advertising defacement activism on the topic of condo development from

Up on Wellesley (in Toronto,) this poor development has had a hard time of selling to the masses, due to the neighbours: Jamestown is right across the street and I guess they’re not appreciating their property values rising. When they first erected the sales office, it was tagged within hours. Then constantly paint bombed/spray painted almost nightly. Mostly stuff about how affordable housing was needed rather than gentrification.

After the condo sales office received repeated defacement, someone got really creative with their political message:

Then this subtle attraction appeared (since gone). See the big photoshopped “condo scene” of young gay males enjoying their new patio, just there on the left of the photo? An adventurous artist added to the photo for social awareness.

From the Torontoist:

…the condo’s advertisements have seen plenty of scorn since they were put up. The latest addition to the front facade is thanks to someone named Defy, who has decided to give a voice to the gay urban professionals artificially posed around their sweet new townhouses.

Someone calling themeselves “defy” took the time and careful effort to add captions to all of the people depicted in the condo’s advertisment. Check out more after the break, or click here to see the full set.

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