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Does it come in hot-pink? No, well I don’t want it.

January 8th, 2009     by Mir Verburg     Comments

Korean Photographer JeongMee Yoon has been taking beautifully arranged pictures of girls and their belongings and boys and their belongings as part of the Pink & Blue Project. So many pictures, and wow! So many belongings.

Pink & Blue Project JeongMee Yoon

Crazy eh? You can barely see the child for their toys. The pink/blue split is also kind of remarkable.

I remember lining up all my teddy bears for a group shot when I was about 9 and I don’t think they were so uniformly pink. Then again, I was a tomboy and I think I hated the color because I thought it was sissy. At the time I wanted rainbows painted on everything, in hindsight that was a clue to so many things, from queerness to my inability to choose just one thing and stick with it (as my grandmother says). Okay I also gave all my dolls boys’ names, so forget me, I am not a good sample. What about you? Was pink the big colour for you growing up?

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