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Event/Preview: 2-qtpocmontreal art show at this year’s Pervers/cite

August 7th, 2012     by deb singh     Comments

This month, I had the honour to be invited to connect with 2-qtpoc (Two spirited, queer, trans, people of colour) Montreal artists to talk about their work at the 2-qtpocmontreal art show at this year’s Pervers/cite.

It was also my pleasure to interview Textaqueen, an awesome artist who shared some of their passion for art as well as for working within their own communities of 2-spirited, queer/trans people of colour.

So what is Pervers/Cite? Their website states:

Pervers/Cite is a collaboratively organized summer festival that aims to make links across social justice groups, queer communities, and radical visions of pride. In a climate of corporatized gay agendas and whitewashed homogeneity amongst queers, Pervers/cite strives to provide a critical and accessible schedule of activities, designed to bring back the radical underpinnings to the pride movement. This year’s festival is taking place from August 9th to 19th, a few days after Divers/Cite and leading up to Celebrations de la fierte Montreal 2012 community day and pride parade.

One of the festivities to highlight and bring voice to 2-qtpoc is the 2-qtpocmontreal art show. Their press release has this to say about the show: “Montreal has a reputation for creative resistance. This year, 2-qtpocmontreal proposes to push this legacy further. Proudly dedicated to 2-spirited, queer and trans people of colour, 2-qtpocmontreal is an art show, a lecture series and a revelation, looking at the history of 2-qtpoc Montreal. 2-qtpocmontreal pays tribute to its predecessors like AGIR, African Rainbow, Ste Emilie Skillshare, and GLAM, and bring these different communities together into a powerful and inspiring racialized pride week. 2-qtpoc will be part of pervers/cite, a flamboyant annual festival of queer and trans politics in Montreal. “

Check out this video with Elisha Lim, curator of the show.

Check out next month’s blog with full interviews about the artwork, artist talks and Pervers/cite!

And check out the entire schedule for the 2-qtpocmontreal show below!

Fri, Aug 10 7pm articule curator welcome to 2-QTPOC Accessible, free & whisper translation. Elisha Lim gives a tour of artwork by Ange Loft, Leroi Newbold, Adee Roberson, Kesso Saulnier, Walter K Scott, Textaqueen and Anonymous

10pm Il Motore Disque Chromatique One step, small toilets & $5. A celebration of Black queers and their friends!! Hosted by Benni E and feat. dj Tami, Takiaya (dirty south rap)

Sat, Aug 11 9pm La Centrale self-lust: a 2-QTPOC performance and art show One step, small toilets, free and whisper translation

Wed, Aug 15 6:30pm Cagibi Queer Between the Covers presents a night of QTPOC readings

Thurs, Aug 16 7pm articule 2-QTPOC Vernissage, La Centre 2110 presents Kesso Saulnier, Arc-en-ciel d’Afrique & Massimadi Accessible, free & whisper translations. Kesso Saulnier is a francophone from Guinea and Quebec Arc-en-ciel is an LGBT organization Massimadi is an annual film festival

Fri, Aug 17 7pm articule Leroi Newbold and Diane Labelle Accessible, free & whisper translation Leroi Newbold is an artist and community activist, and will describe the tale and purpose of co-founding Ste Emilie Skillshare Diane Labelle is the co-author of “Namaji,” and will give a presentation about 2-Spirited community building and colonialism in Montreal

10pm Hotel des Gouverneurs Arc-en-ciel d’afrique presente la levee des fonds Soiree Black & White Accessible, $30

Sat, Aug 18 11am-5pm Centre St Pierre Queer Between the Covers zine and book fair Accessible, free & 36% of materials in French

1pm-2:45pm The Other Tongue a 2-qtpoc writing workshop In English. Prathna Lor

3pm-4:45pm Interracial Dating In English. Takiaya & Rhin

7pm articule Venus Envy presents Textaqueen followed by presentations by Agir and GLAM

Sun, Aug 19 17h Cafe L’Artere Food Flows and Fades: 2-QTPOC BBQ & dance party, feat chef Berlin Reed (NYC) Accessible, $5 & whisper translation.

All events are open and welcome to everybody! Except The Other Tongue workshop, which is a caucus for racialized queers.

Sponsors: UG, Il Motore, 2110 Centre, Venus Envy, Qpirg Concordia, Midnight’s Kitchen, ACCM/ARTSIDA, and online pledges from our beloved friends <3 <3!

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