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Expoz(ine) Yourself

November 23rd, 2006     by Anna Leventhal     Comments

I’m beginning to get a sneaking suspicion that posting on any event outside Toronto on this board might be a little academic, so let this be my attempt to woo readers from outside the Big Smoke, specifically those in Montreal and surrounding areas. This Saturday is the fifth annual Expozine, Montreal’s yearly fair of all things stapled, photocopied, folded, bound, silkscreened, glued, BeDazzled, beglittered, hand-tinted, and read all over. Take a look at the website for info on where and when, and also for details on the fifth anniversary party taking place the night of.

I’ve been tabling at Expozine since it began in 2002, and it never fails to blow my mind (and empty my pockets). Not that it’s all fun and games - as my friend Angie so rightly pointed out, the zine fair basically takes people who don’t generally like being around other humans (hence the time spent hunched over photocopiers and wielding x-acto knives with mind-boggling precision) and shoves them into a room together for eight hours straight. Needless to say, some chaos ensues. But there’s always some amazing gems to be found amidst the jostling shoulders and sweaty palms. I’ll get back to you soon with my findings. In the meantime - Montrealers, bonne chance et bonne fete. And Torontonians, eat your hearts out - and then go write a zine about it. I’ll traydja for it.

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