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Fall issue coming soon!

August 24th, 2010     by Sheila Sampath     Comments

When I joined Team Shameless as art director in 2006, I couldn’t have predicted the impact the magazine would have on my life. Shameless gave me more than an opportunity to flex my design muscles: I became part of an amazing community of inspiring feminists, each with stories to tell and endless energy with which to tell them. That’s just one of the reasons that I was excited to step into my new, additional role as editorial director at Shameless.

Watching our organization grow over the years has been nothing short of amazing, and I’m looking forward to even more exciting projects and experiences ahead.

Since our last issue, we’ve drafted a new mandate, welcomed some new editors to our staff, brought in a new web team (with a site overhaul in the works) and restructured the way we work to better reflect the anti-oppressive values at our core (stay tuned for ways you can get involved). In the midst of this, we also assembled an interim staff of truly shameless women, who, in addition to their roles as board members, writers, educators and editors, took on the extra work of putting together what I think is a fantastic fall issue, currently on the presses. Once you get a hold of it, be sure to check out our masthead and send them a little “thank you” for their dedication, hard work and that endless energy I mentioned earlier.

This coming issue (expected to arrive mid-September) is the first of many that will strive toward our new vision. In it, we bring you a chorus of bicycle bells, the voices of our sisters at AQSAzine and options for life beyond high school. We explore rape culture, the intersection of race and feminism and the etymology of the word “cougar”. And, to tide you over until the winter, we give you the tools you need to surf the web in style, make a mean eggplant lasagna and fly a kite. Be sure to take advantage of our subscription sale before the month’s end, and I hope that you enjoy our fall issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.

Yours shamelessly,

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