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Fear not, Shameless friends!

January 30th, 2007     by Melinda Mattos     Comments

As those of you in Toronto may have noticed, three members of Team Shameless were pictured on the cover of Eye Weekly recently, as part of an article on the state of indie magazines in Toronto. While we liked the story and got a kick out of the uber-dramatic cover photo, the article left some readers confused about our future.

See, the article mentions that the Spring 2007 issue will be the last that Nicole and I edit. (We made this announcement in the Fall/Winter 2006 Letter From The Editors.) Some readers took this to mean that the magazine is going out of business. Rest assured, it’s not! As the Eye Weekly article says, Shameless is being passed along to an energetic new team of editors. And you haven’t seen the last of me or Nicole we’ll be sticking around as executive board members, advising the new team members and planning big-picture stuff for the magazine.

Thanks for worrying, though! We love you, too.


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