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Female ejaculation: “Yet to be studied systematically”

August 15th, 2007     by Catherine Hayday     Comments

Trying to source out incontrovertible facts about female sexual anatomy and experience is incredibly difficult. And female ejaculation is an especially “hot potato” topic. I could put in links below to all the studies which say female ejaculation is urinary incontinence or that the G-Spot doesn’t exist, and then I could follow it with a matching number of links demonstrating that the G-Spot absolutely does exist, that women do ejaculate, and then follow that again by a whole whack of studies by people who just can’t decide.

The info available, like sex, is sometimes chaotic, often messy, and ultimately you just have to make your own decisions about it.

Here’s what I’ve decided: I’ve decided that many women can and do ejaculate, but that ignorance about female ejaculation has led to a whole lot of women believing the first time they ejaculate that they are urinating. Particularly if their partner is unfamiliar or underexperienced with female orgasms. Many women find the idea that they have lost bladder control so mortifying that they suppress future ejaculations (and sometimes, by extension, future orgasms). If no one has told you that women can ejaculate (and at last check, it wasn’t in the sex ed curriculum), of course that’s what you’re going to think.

Ejaculation does come from the urethra (not the vagina), but/and it is not urine. It can vary from a few tablespoons (sometimes going unnoticed), to a few cups (soaking a bed, or towels). Women who do ejaculate don’t necessarily do it every time they have sex, or even every time they orgasm. Some women ejaculate only with g-spot orgasms, others with clitoral or other kinds of orgasms. It tastes sweet (it contains two types of sugars), and can be either white (in small amounts) to clear (in larger amounts). The “fluid is colourless, (urine is yellow), it smells sweet like clover, (urine smells like urine), it does not stain the mattress, (urine certainly does)”. It also contains prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein produced and present in male ejaculate. Which is ironic, since women don’t have a prostate (so maybe it ain’t so “specific” after all). Current thinking is that the prostate markers found in women’s ejaculate are produced in the Skene’s glands.

The fact that the ejaculation comes from the urethra is often pointed to as evidence that the liquid is urine and not ejaculate. Which is odd, when you consider that the urethra is where male ejaculate comes out – and I don’t hear a lot of people claiming that male ejaculate is anything other than a sexual fluid. Because of the dual function of the urethra, most men find it impossible to urinate when they are aroused and have an erection. The same may well be true for women. Which is the sort of information which, if we could sort it out, would be very helpful in allowing women to relax and explore what their body is capable of.


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